Self-Cleaning Ovens – Facts, 10 Execution Steps and More

As promised in our last post, today we’ll explain about self-cleaning ovens. How do they work? How to maintain them? How to be safe around them? What is the difference between self cleaning oven and non self cleaning oven? The difference between the two appliances is simple. The secret is in the heaters. Self cleaning […]

Heat Distribution and Cooking in Different Types of Ovens

Welcome back to our blog. Today we want to share a few facts about the different types of ovens. Our hints should give you a better understanding of the principles behind cooking devices and hopefully to help you prepare better tasting food.   How do different ovens work? A strange question at first sight but […]

4 Plus 1 Unusual Benefits From Cleaning

What are the benefits of cleaning? Why should we do it? Is it really necessary to spend time and efforts and quite a lot of money, on something such as dusting and spider nets removing? Long story short, yes we do. And in order to prove it, i would like to emphasise on the 4+1 […]

Pasta with Gaspacho Pesto and Olives

  Quick to prepare healthy Mediterranean recipe. it’s incredibly delicious too. Ingredients: A pack of pasta 4 tomatoes 2 cucumbers 100gr deboned olives Extra virgin olive oil – 4 tablespoons. basil salt onions Ham – not mandatory Preparation Get a pot and pour a litre of water. Put the pot on the hob and wait […]

Cooker Installation Manual

We don’t want to lose your time so directly to the question – how to install a cooker? The first important aspect of the procedure is to understand that domestic ovens are big consumers of high voltage electricity. You must never underestimate the safety when working with these machines. Cooker Installation instructions in steps:  Go […]

Types of Cookers and Purchase Tips

What should we know before spending our money? Hello and welcome to our official website’s blog. Here we’ll try to deliver useful information on time, related to your cooking, baking, maintenance etc. If you have any questions about the cleaning, maintaining, installing ovens, please leave a comment and we’ll try to answer you back ASAP. […]

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