World’s Most Beautiful Dish


Perfect dish

Taste, look, smell, right temperature or nutritious qualities. What is the main characteristic of the perfect dish? Can we fall behind on any of these and claim we have it? Is it really that hard to create the ideal meal and serve it in the perfect manner? According to international, award winning chefs it is. That’s why there are people in most nice restaurants who specialize in one particular subject and transform it into an art form. Decorators, waiters, bar tenders and of course chefs. All of them realize how important each piece of the puzzle is and do their best to close the final results to perfection.


What the perfect dish consists of?


  •  Healthy elements

The first rule in cooking is not to poison your guests. You can serve terrible food. It can be cold, bad looking, with terrible taste but it has to be safe to eat. Do not use old products and never take risks if you have any doubts. Angry client can come back but poisoned one will never do it.

Nutritious food is significant too. Your eating habits should be adapted to your lifestyle and you must eat food which helps you feel better in any aspect. Baking and boiling can give your body much more compared to frying. That’s why you can use your oven more and the pans less.


  • Taste

No matter how complicated or simple one meal is, it should also be tasty. According to a professional chef, who’s also a close friend of mine, there are cooks who understand little from French and Italian cuisine but prepare food which is just delicious. Those people have sense and talent. Some of them are lazy but they know what, when and where should be added in order for the meal to transform into a masterpiece. Our grandmas are the perfect example. They simply know how to prepare delicious meals. That’s it.


  • Look

Your meals should not only be tasty but good looking too. They must be appealing. Their look should wake up the senses and make you desire the food. It’s also proven that mouthwatering food tastes better. The reason is simple. If one of our senses is “satisfied” it effects the rest. This is how we reach to the end – aroma.


  • Smell

Imagine a dish which looks great, tastes magnificent but smells terrible. You can hardly eat that and enjoy it, right? The smell of any meal can be improved with different herbs and spices but it cannot be improved to a level where bad products used for the cooking can be cloaked. If you want well smelling meal, which your guests will love, use fresh products and serve it with the right temperature.


  • Temperature

In high class restaurants they measure each meal’s temperature before serving. There are rules which set the perfect temperature of each dish and the benefits from one and another degree.


I hope you liked the article and will try to improve in aspects of your cooking which are not completely perfect at the moment.