Hourly based deep kitchen cleaning service in London tailored entirely by you

Your kitchen will be spotless once more

Check prices & availability it takes less than 30 sec.
Hourly rated service based on your individual priorities
Trained, certified, fully insured, and trusted cleaners
Equipment and detergents provided upon request

Thorough kitchen clean in London and UK performed by your standards … with every appliance and surface included.

How it works?:

The kitchen cleaning service aims to match your needs perfectly. It’s hourly-based so you can specify for how much time you want to book the cleaners. Also, you can come up with priority areas checklist. It usually takes a single cleaner about 3 hours to clean a small kitchen so this is our minimum call-out time for the service. For bigger kitchens, we usually send a couple of cleaners for the same time or more if needed. Our kitchen one-off deep cleaning is the perfect way to deal with the mess after a celebration at home or to ease your spring cleaning a bit.

What is covered as part of the kitchen deep cleaning service:

before and after cleaning of greasy gas oven burners*The oven cleaning procedure performed as part of the service does not include disassembly and dip tank. If you wish to have your oven deep-cleaned professionally by a specialised technician, please contact us.
  • cleaning cabinets, counters, cupboards and drawers;
  • tile and grout cleaning
  • cleaning of all existing white goods (fridge/freezer, oven*, washing machine, microwave, etc.);
  • sinks, splashback, taps, and all work surfaces;
  • removing cobwebs, wiping doors, frames, and light switches;
  • wiping the windows from the inside and outside (if reachable);
  • the floor is either vacuumed or mopped as per its surface;
a bag of detergents, roll of kitchen paper and a dip tank for oven cleaning

Make your kitchen deep cleaning even better by adding:

Dip tank oven cleaning

We will send a dedicated technician who will disassemble your cooker and clean it as thoroughly as possible.

Spot wall washing

This can be done whenever the wall and its condition allow it, please note that in some cases the wall might be in need of repairs instead of cleaning. For optimal results with the kitchen cleanup, we ask of you to assist with:
  • detergents needed*: some multi-purpose cleaner and a degreaser;
  • equipment needed*: vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket, sponges, paper towels;
  • access to the property (we can collect a key from nearby in case you won’t be home);
  • cold and hot running water, and electricity;
*We can provide you with the equipment for an additional 10GBP as well as with detergents for 6GBP.

Domestic deep kitchen cleaning*

from £16.00£10.00£7.00

*T&C: Minimum charges apply. Min hours to book: 3h.

They say that love comes from the heart, but passes through the stomach …

Reviewed by Sean P. on 2019-02-19

I'm impressed by how flexible you guys are! I had to change my appointment due to personal matters and there wasn't a problem at all. I would definitely call you again.

Reviewed by C. Norris on 2019-04-12

We had a wild cooking night with my roommate and we were too lazy to clean the oven after that. Thanks for cleaning our mess.

Reviewed by Eleanor on 2019-06-27

The cleaning guy arrived on time and was really diligent with the cooker cleaning, even helped me change the light bulb.

Reviewed by Kate R. on 2019-09-15

As a working mum of three rowdy boys, I don't have a lot of time to spare. Your services definitely help me manage my time.

Reviewed by Tess Montgomery on 2019-12-11

It was easy to book and the cleaners arrived on time. My kitchen has gleaming look again. Will use the service again!


Q: Are the cleaners reliable?

A: All operatives are professionally trained, fully insured, and aim to bring you utmost satisfaction with their work.

Q: How many cleaners will you send?

A: It depends on the size of the kitchen and your personal priorities.

Q: How much time will the service take?

A: Usually, a single cleaner will be able to clean a small kitchen in about 3 hours. In case the kitchen is bigger, we’ll just send two cleaners to do the job for 3 hours or more if needed.

Q: So, what happens if the job is done before the expected time?

A: The cleaner will be happy to spruce up other areas of your home like the bathroom for instance, or assist you with some household chores such as laundry, ironing, dusting, decluttering and so on.

Q: Can you supply me with the necessary cleaning equipment and detergent?

A: Yes, we can do this for some extra charges: 6GBP for detergents and 10GBP for equipment.

Q: What do I need to provide if I decide to supply the equipment and detergents myself?

A: A hover, mop, bucket, paper towels, sponges, some multi-purpose detergent and degreaser.

Q: Can you clean behind the big kitchen appliances?

A: In case two cleaners come for your service, they might be able to move the appliances if they are not too heavy and no dismantling/disconnecting is needed.

Q: Can you clean the walls?

A: Spot wall washing is available as an extra service and it depends on the type of wall. Please, get in touch for more information.

Q: Can you come after work hours or during the weekend?

A: Yes to both. But after work hours comes at an extra charge while weekend appointment are at usual rates.

Q: What is the difference between ‘dip tank oven cleaning’ and the one that comes with this service?

A: In case your cooker hasn’t been cleaned in a long time, you better book the deep oven cleaning. It is done by a trained professional and it includes detaching of all removable parts and placing them in a dip tank filled with cleaning solution which dissolves the grease and the grime. In the meantime, the rest of the cooker is thoroughly scrubbed.

Q: Are the cleaners going to stay for the full 3 hours even if they are done with the work early?

A: Yes, they will unless you request otherwise.

Q: I need to cancel my appointment, what should I do?

A: Just make sure to inform us at least 48 hours before the appointed time.

Q: Can I pay with a credit card?

A: Yes, sure! Just provide us with the details a day before the service. You will be charged on the day of your service.

Ready to enjoy a spotless kitchen?