Oven Cleaning

Be Amazed by Our Professional Oven Cleaning Services in London

Our oven cleaning procedure in action. Has cooking become a bit of a chore, with your food no longer tasting the way it used to? Has your electricity bill suddenly gone through the roof? Have you thought the problem may be your dirty cooker? We know cleaning it isn’t the nicest of jobs but our London oven cleaning team is here to help you.

We understand the problems associated with this messy job and will make oven cleaning no longer a chore you keep putting off for tomorrow. Make an appointment and our technicians will promptly come to your home.

The process we use is called the dip tank method and ensures great results.

The Benefits of Maggie’s Oven Cleaning Service

You already know why you might need our expert oven cleaners but let’s take a look at some of the benefits you get from using our service:

Cooker and kitchen cleaning

Professional cleaning of ovens, kitchen cabinets and oven racks.

    • The cleaners only use professional detergents that aren’t available over the counter for the man on the street. They are eco-friendly but very effective degreasers, that provide the best quality oven cleaning results.
    • Your oven will be completely free of grime, grease and those nasty smelling burnt carbon deposits.
    • You can use your oven as soon as we’ve finished our cleaning procedures and your food will taste much better than before our visit.
    • The oven service can be carried out every day of the week, on bank holidays and weekends.
    • The cleaners use overshoes and always lay protection sheets in front of their working area.
    • The methods we use are safe for all members of your household including pets and children. The cleaning products are free from toxins and result in a hygienic clean.
clean oven racks

We clean the oven racks and other parts inside the oven.

  • If required, other kitchen appliances can also be cleaned along with your oven.
  • You also get the option of our replacement service for faulty oven parts, seals and doors.
  • If you need your new gas oven installed, we offer Gas Safe certified gas cooker installation service
  • All cleaning experts are fully insured for your peace of mind.
  • Regular cleaning will increase the life of your oven.
  • Free inspection of your oven is always carried out before and after the service.


Step by Step Our Deep Oven Scrub Service

The Procedure Explained in Short

(it applies to cookers, range cookers and various types of hobs)

  1. The company’s specialists disassemble the oven’s door and racks and leave them to soak in containers with warm water and cleaning solutions.
  2. We deeply scrub the the cooker inside out.
  3. When all the grime is cleaned, everything is being put back together. This method is quite effective and it’s called dip tank cleaning. According to most professional organizations it’s much safer than using oven cleaning bags.


Detailed step by step guide through our oven cleaning service:


#1. The professionally trained cleaners are certified and background checked.

#2. The team comes to your home with all the equipment needed – they bring cleaning products.

#3. Maggie’s Oven Services grant you a FREE inspection of the cooker before the procedure. The cleaners make sure your oven works properly before the service. The inspection allows us to understand the volume of work needed. Cleansing procedure is different for ceramic and gas hobs, for double and single ovens etc.

#4. Protecting cover is put in the working area to protect it from accidental leakages and spills. We also wear overshoes.

#5. Now, we are ready to deal with the cleaning accurately. We dismantle the stove. Take the removable parts – trays, racks, panels, fans, light protector, control knobs and extractor filters and dip them in a tank with anti-bacterial sanitizing detergents.

#6. Our staff scrapes residual grease, grime and harmful burnt on carbon by hand as all the dirt should be removed before the next stage of cleansing. The cleaning of the oven glass is also included at this stage.

#7. Once soaked, the removal parts are easier to clean. The technicians use wired brushes, sponges and eco-friendly cleaning agents to do it.

#8. We rinse everything well under running water.

#9. When all is cleaned and dry, we assemble all parts.

#10. Now we polish the oven to a remarkable new look. Our company relies on tested polishers that don’t damage the surfaces.

#11. Final inspection upon completion proves the quality of the job and you can cook right after the cleaning service.

Our Service in Step by Step Details (VIDEO)

Professional oven cleaning service in London shown in execution by Maggies Oven Services professionals. The whole cleaning in detailed steps can be seen on the video in order for each client to understand and see how we perform the oven cleaning procedure in London.


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