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free Protective oven liner with every oven and BBQ service
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How the BBQ cleaning in London is done by Maggie's Oven Services

  • The BBQ is carefully inspected;
  • All detachable parts are removed and placed in a dip tank filled with a cleaning solution;
  • Detergent is sprayed all over the BBQ and it is hand-scraped afterwards;
  • The outer surfaces of the BBQ are thoroughly cleaned;
  • The grill is reassembled and your BBQ is ready for use right away;

Additional information:

  • We can clean all types of BBQs, including gas grills, spit roasters, charcoal grills, hooded grills, smokers, kettle BBQs, kamado, and portables, small barbecue 70-110cm, barbecue over 110 cm.
  • Free Teflon oven liner is provided with every oven and BBQ cleaning service.
  • Surfaces around the work area are covered with protective sheets so no mess is ever left behind when the grill cleaning is over.
  • The technician will require access to hot and cold running water as well as electricity in order to carry out the service.
  • If you wish, the barbecue technician can clean some of your kitchen appliances while he is there, too.
  • We do key pickup and delivery so your BBQ can be cleaned even if you aren't home.
  • Your technician will be happy to share with you some bbq maintenance tips.
  • We offer full coverage of all areas in London and different parts of the UK

BBQ cleaning prices by size and service duration for London and UK

You will be charged for your service as per the size of your BBQ and if you’d request any additional cleaning procedures. In addition, you can benefit from a discount by opting to book more than one service. You can check the price table below for easy reference, or simply contact us for more details.

Small-size BBQ Width: up to 70 cm Avg. duration: up to 1h

Price: £71

Medium-size BBQ Width: up to 3 burners Avg. duration: up to 1h 30min

Price: £91

Large-size BBQ Width: 4 to 6 burners Avg. duration: up to 2h

Price: £111

* All minimum charges applyBook Online

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check what our clients talk about us:

Reviewed by Anthony on 2019-08-23

I love burgers, but I hate cleaning, so my bbq was a real mess. Your team managed to leave it spotless.

Reviewed by B. Johnson on 2019-09-28

I thought I had to cancel the appointment because of personal matters, but a really friendly girl helped me reschedule it and I managed to get my grill cleaned. Exceptional customer service!

Reviewed by Nikole Tickner on 2019-10-22

The technician arrived on time and explained the process of cleaning the bbq thoroughly before starting. I’ve been very satisfied, he made it so easy for me. Huge thanks!


from clients:

Q: How can I use the oven liner?

A: You can use the oven liner, simply by placing it directly on the BBQ grill. It will protect it from unwanted food spills and splashes. It has to be washed regularly by hand or in a dishwasher. Make sure you are not using it for temperatures above 250°C and during the self cleaning cycle. In cases of misuse, we cannot be held responsible.

Q: Are the technicians professionally qualified and do they have insurance?

A: Yes, every oven cleaning technician goes through a comprehensive training and has a public liability insurance cover.

Q: Do you disassemble the BBQ?

A: Yes. The removable parts are detached and placed in a dip tank filled with cleaning solution while the rest of the grill is scrubbed manually.

Q: Will the technician bring cleaning equipment and detergents?

A: Yes, the specialists come fully equipped with everything they need to provide you with outstanding results.

Q: Will the cleaning process cause a mess?

A: This is a possibility but the technician will use protective plastic sheets and pads to cover the work area and make sure to clean after himself. No worries there.

Q: Can you come after work hours or maybe the weekend?

A: Yes. Weekend appointments are available and come at no extra charges while after work hours visits are charged a little bit extra.

Q: How much time the technician will need to clean my BBQ?

A: Well, this depends on the overall condition of the BBQ.

Q: Can I postpone or cancel a service?

A: Yes, but please make sure to warn us at least 48 hours before the appointment.

Q: Can I pay with a credit or debit card?

A: Sure thing, just provide us with your card details when booking over the phone or online.

Q: Can you clean my BBQ while it’s raining outside?

A: Yes, we can! As long as the BBQ is located somewhere with a roof over it and there’s access to drainage and hot water, we can clean it.

Q: How often should a grill be professionally cleaned?

A: We recommend to deep clean your BBQ before and after the grilling season.

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