Barbeque Cleaning

Get Your Grill Ready with Our BBQ Cleaning Service in London

BBQ before and after the cleaning of Maggies Oven Services

Before and after our BBQ cleaning service.

Holding a barbecue party is all fun and smiles until you have to clean the grill afterwards. If you don’t do it on time, it becomes hard and hectic to scrub off all of the accumulated grease and carbon deposits. How about you just focus on the tasty grilled food and leave the cleaning to the professionals? Here at Maggie’s Oven Services, we offer high-quality BBQ cleaning in London. Just give us a call and we’ll do the dirty job while you plan your next outdoor party.

A Different BBQ Cleaning Method With Guaranteed Results

Maggie’s technicians use a grill cleaning method that doesn’t require excessive scrubbing. We rely on advanced techniques and eco-friendly degreasing agents. Here’s how we do it:

  1. We inspect the barbecue grill before starting the job.
  2. Then we disassemble it and soak all of the removable parts in a vat of a green cleaning solution.
  3. Next, we diligently scrub each piece with antibacterial sanitising agents, making sure there’s no food residue, grease or burned carbon left on the grill.
  4. We’ll also wipe the outside of the BBQ before we assemble it.
  5. You can enjoy smoky grilled steaks right away.

Barbecue Types We Clean

We can bring any type of grill back to its former glory by using environment-friendly detergents.

cleaned BBQ in London

BBQ cleaning services in London

  • Gas grills
  • Charcoal grills
  • Hooded grills
  • Smokers
  • Kettle BBQs
  • Kamado
  • Portable BBQs
  • Spit roaster
  • BBQ pits


Complete Barbecue Cleaning With Plenty of Benefits

Just like with any of our other services, like oven or tile and grout cleaning, our primary goal is to meet your needs and expectations. The barbecue grill sanitising service pays no exception and apart from the top-notch results, we offer hefty benefits to our clients:

  • You can enjoy a smoky steak right after the cleaning – we use eco-friendly non-toxic detergents
  • The technicians we work with are well-prepared, fully insured and certified to tackle all BBQ cleaning jobs
  • We’ll keep your property immaculate, without making any spills – the cleaners will cover the ground with special sheets and be extra careful not to dirty the surrounding area
  • You can receive bbq maintenance tips from our experts
  • Combine grill cleaning with any other service and enjoy our special deals, saving money and time
  • We guarantee efficient removal of built-up grease and carbon deposits at affordable rates
  • You can take advantage of our flexible scheduling and book the service for a day that’s convenient for you. We work seven days a week, including bank holidays.
  • Turn to our 24/7 customer care representatives if you have any questions or worries about the services or booking process


BBQ SizePrice
Small-sized BBQ (width up to 70cm)£44 (Avg. duration: up to 1h)
Medium-size BBQ (width up to 110cm)£69 (Avg. duration: up to 1h 30min)
Large-size BBQ (110cm and more)£83 (Avg. duration: up to 2h)

* All minimum charges apply

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Contact us today and take advantage of our affordable rates – just dial 020 3746 3116 and talk with our customer representatives. Our customer support operators are ready to answer your questions regarding BBQ cleaning services any time of the day. You can also request a price estimate over the phone. These estimates are free and no-obligational. You can place an order online as well – just fill in our special booking form. One of our operators will give you a call as soon as you send the form.