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To clean your Aga stove the technician will take the following steps:

  • inspect the appliance to determine if it works properly;
  • disassemble all removable parts (such as the oven doors) and place them in a tank filled with a cleaning solution;
  • while the detached parts are soaking, the technician will clean the exterior and inner surfaces of the cooker;
  • the burner lids will be cleaned too, all with utmost care;
  • the inner aluminium surfaces of the oven doors will be degreased and polished;
  • finally, when all parts are perfectly clean, the technician will assemble your Aga cooker and you can start using it right after the service;
The oven cleaning technicians utilise specialised caustic-free cleaning products when dealing with an AGA cooker. This way you can be sure that the enamel finish is protected and you’ll get amazing results with our oven cleaning.

Additional information:

  • Protective plastic sheets will be spread around the area where your Aga cooker is being cleaned to prevent accidental splatters and spills. No mess is left behind.
  • Upon request, the technician can clean all of your other household appliances such as the fridge, washing machine, extractor fans, or even your dishwasher. We also clean 2 oven AGA and 4 oven AGA cookers.

For optimal results, please consider the following points before the service:

  • Oil- and gas-fired Aga cookers need to be turned down to the lowest possible temperature rather than being turned off completely.
  • Property access - even if you’re not at your London home, the technician can collect the key from a nearby place and drop it off after the service.
  • Access to hot/cold running water and electricity is also necessary.

Prices by Aga type and service duration

The cost of your service is calculated based on the type of Aga and its size. Any additional procedures are charged extra and added to your final bill. You can opt to combine two or more service and benefit from a discount. Reference the table below for examples or simply contact us for more details.

Aga with 2 ovens Number of ovens: 2 Avg. duration: 1h 45 min.

Price: £102

Aga with 4 ovens Number of ovens: 4 Avg. duration: 2h 15 min

Price: £134

Aga Side module Number of ovens: 2 Avg. duration: 1h

Price: £82

* All minimum charges applyBook Online

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check what our clients talk about us:

Reviewed by Emma L. on 2019-02-21

My Aga is spotless after your cleaning, thank you! Already booked the one-off service for and early spring cleaning!

Reviewed by Amber R. on 2019-05-15

Booked the one-off deep cleaning and oven cleaning for my mother. She said that's the best gift she's received. Thanks for making her happy.

Reviewed by S. S. on 2019-09-01

I heard about your services from a friend of mine and was a little reserved at first, but your team did a really good job. Thank you.

Reviewed by Kellyn Wilkinson on 2019-11-28

Amazing service! I couldn't recognize my Aga after the cleaning. I would surely order this service again.


Q: Are the technicians you send reliable?

A: They are experienced, professionally trained and insured. You can count on them!

Q: Is the entire oven disassembled?

A: Only the removable parts are detached and placed in a dip tank. The rest of the cooker is cleaned manually.

Q: What about equipment and detergents?

A: The technicians bring everything necessary to clean your AGA range cooker.

Q: Will there be a mess left behind?

A: Absolutely no! The area where your cooker is being cleaned will be protected with plastic sheets and wiped thoroughly if necessary.

Q: Can you come after work hours or during the weekend?

A: Yes, but there is an extra charge for services done after work hours. Weekend appointments on the other hand come with no additional charges.

Q: How much time will the service take?

A: It depends on the size of your Aga cooker and its condition. Also, if you’d request for other appliances to be cleaned, of course.

Q: Can I cancel my appointment?

A: Sure thing, just please make sure to do it at least 48 hours before the appointed time slot.

Q: Can I pay with a credit card?

A: Yes, of course! Just please contact us at least a day before your service to provide the necessary details.

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