How to Clean an Old Aga Range Cooker

Aga range cookers are staples in many kitchens because of amazing, succulent food and a simpler cooking process compared to conventional ovens. 

Aga range cookers have been in the hearts of many UK homes for nearly 100 years.

  • Aga range cookers keep the moisture and flavor of food and also preserve its nutrients.
  • Aga range cookers are built to last for generations, so maintaining them properly is vital. 

Keeping your aged Aga clean will take a bit of time, effort, and several items listed below. Also, you might get some grease on, so prepare for that too! 

The Aga Cleaning Kit

At Maggies Oven Cleaning we know that cleaning the Aga is not rocket science, and in this guide, the team of professionals will walk you through the process step by step.

To clean your range cooker yourself, you will need the following items:

  • Astonish cleaning paste;
  • Scraper;
  • Steel wool ball;
  • Sponge scourer;
  • Microfiber cloth;
  • Wiping up cloth;
  • Safety goggles;
  • Vacuum cleaner.

Maggie’s appliance cleaning professionals recommend using a scraper with interchangeable heavy-duty blades since cheap scrapers can snap and damage your enamel.

Also, you shouldn’t expose your hands during the cleaning process! Wear proper hand-protecting garments. Opt for high-quality, reliable ironclad gloves to keep your hands safe from chemicals and other hazardous materials.

A pro tip:
Don’t fall for the branded Aga cleaners as they are practically the same as the Astonish paste, but more expensive!

Regular Maintenance 

An Aga cooker is not too difficult to clean compared to BBQ cleaning, especially if you do it regularly. 

For regular maintenance:

  • Wipe the surface frequently since dust can build up and form a hard to scrub layer over your range cooker. 
  • Wipe over with a damp, soft cloth, and then go over with a dry cloth to avoid the smears. 
  • Wipe up the spills using a wet, soapy cloth after cooking. It is important to react quickly and not let the spills sit for a while. If it needs a little scrub, use a soft scourer and polish the lids. 
  • Use a dry cloth or towel to polish the enamel after cleaning it to bring back the oven’s natural shine, 
  • Brush off the dust of hot ovens and hotplates now and then for cooking spills and splashes carbonize.

Deep Cleaning Your Aga

Depending on usage, we advise it to deep clean your kitchen approximately once a year. It will help you remove multiple stubborn stains and build-ups of dirt and germs. 

If the time has come to deep clean your aged Aga, and you want to do it yourself, set aside a few hours and prepare to put in some effort!

Enamel is more hard-wearing than you think, so don’t worry about damaging it while scraping the grease and carbonized food with the blade or the scourer. 

Remember that dirty ovens pose various hazards, and proper maintenance can reduce your energy consumption (and the bills) in the long run. 

Cold Cleaning Instructions

Before you go to bed, turn off the oven and leave the doors and lids open to let it cool down. To speed the cooling process up, place the large pans of cold water on all hobs. This way, you can start with the cleaning in the morning. In most cases, your old Aga will be ready by supper. 

  • Remove the hotplate expansion rings from around the hotplates. You should place the rings on a soft towel enamel-side up. 
  • Remove the oven doors to get better access. Be extremely careful while lifting them straight up. 
  • Put your safety goggles on and put the blade flat against the enamel at the front between the hotplates. 
  • Scrape slowly, using as much pressure as needed. 
  • Keep working around all flat enamel on the hob, lid rims, front, and doors. Don’t worry if a few blades snap – it will sometimes happen, so make sure you have spare ones!
  • Brush off and vacuum burnt muck along with other residues when you are done with scraping all the spots you missed the first time.
  • You will need a sponge scourer with plenty of warm water on it to generously scoop up the Astonish cream cleaner. 
  • Spread it around the enamel surfaces of your Aga cooker. It is less messy if you clean each section individually, like one lid. 
  • This is where the ironclad gloves are important since the paste can burn your fingers. It is also important to note that the Astonish paste works best when wet, so you will need plenty of warm water.
  • Take a ball of dry and clean wire wool to gently remove dried grease and cleaning paste around the enamel parts. Some areas will need a light scrub to remove the grease, while others will require more effort to eliminate the years’ old layers of carbonized food. 
  • Wipe clean and check if you need to repeat the wire wool scrubbing process to remove all the stains. 
  • When done, rinse the Astonish paste thoroughly from the cooker and wipe it clean.
  • Last, use microfiber cloths as they are excellent for polishing enamel to a shine. If there is any muck on the cloth, rinse it well under hot water, wring it thoroughly, and repeat the cleaning until you get a shiny and grease-free finish.

Since the old range cooker creates mouth-watering dishes while keeping your home warm, keep it clean and hygienic. If you maintain your Aga properly, it will surely serve you well for years to come.