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Shirley Langridge

A professional and passionate cleaner and manager of Maggie's Oven Services. I live in London and love well made food and drinks.

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Shirley Langridge

DIY Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Cooking is a great way to impress someone. It’s one thing to go to a restaurant but it’s much better to cook for the persona on your own. It’s so much more of a occasion isn’t it? However, If you want to go a step even further, build a wood fired pizza oven yourself. So, […]

How Long to Preheat the Oven

Most cooking recipes that include baking or roasting in the process advise you to preheat the oven before using it. Beginners often ponder over two questions when it comes to that: “Why is it necessary to preheat an oven?” and “How long to preheat the oven?”. Both seem like silly questions, and some people even […]

5 Palatable Meals to Effortlessly Cook With Our Halogen Oven Recipes Guide

What halogen cookers became famous for is that they cook faster and better than conventional ovens while coming cheaper. However, cooking times and temperatures of halogen heaters are not widely recognised and remain unfamiliar. Want to unfold the culinary potential of these ovens? We will leave you with a couple of toothsome recipes and tips […]

On Every Fridge’s Mystery – What Setting is Coldest from 1 to 5?

You just bought some milk and you want to make sure it lasts in the fridge but the temperature dial doesn’t seem to have any indicators. Fridge freezer temperature settings are rarely mentioned in the manual and often remain a mystery. So, if the numbers go from 1 to 5, then which is the coldest? […]

What Makes Our Customers Say “WOW!”

Here at Maggie’s Oven Services, we are not magicians, but our cleaning services are just like magic. Our technicians aren’t armed with wands and mysterious potions, but with rather more common items – non-toxic detergents, gloves, scrubs and sponges. They have the mojo and know-how to transform any dirty oven into a sparkling, clean cooker. But […]

How Do You Single-handedly Disconnect a Gas Cooker

When it comes to playing around with gas ovens it’s better to be safe than sorry. Initially, disconnecting a gas cooker bayonet fitting may seem tricky. Spills are especially dangerous but we have the good news for you. What is there to know about linking the appliances? Are you dealing with this manner for the […]

Beginner’s Guide to Food Safety and Hygiene

When it comes to food safety and hygiene, they don’t apply only to restaurants and fast food chains. They are all about food shopping, cooking and offering food on different occasions such as parties, picnics, and so on. If you want to avoid food poisoning, you have to follow some pretty simple rules in the […]

Directions for perfectly even pie reheating

Safely reheating a pie in the oven might turn out a greater challenge than it seems at first glance. Pies are in their most dense on the inside with a sensitive to burn crust. Often the attempt results in failure leaving you with a seemingly pastry-burnt pie that is barely warm on the inside. Is […]

Truths & Myths of Oven Cleaner Fumes

There’s a reason oven cleaners you can obtain around the counter are already infamous. Inhaling oven cleaning fumes after cleaning has been known as quite dangerous, resulting in painful cough and sore throat. Reading the sticker you might find that ingesting them is lethal. So how come they are so toxic and yet easily acquirable? […]

Oven Cooking Temperatures [Infographic]

Baking could be defined as both science and art. You must have an artist’s imagination to garnish a fancy meal and scientist’s precision to cook at the right temperature. Don’t worry, you won’t need a degree in arts nor science because we’ve got you covered with oven cooking temperatures.