Catalytic ovens – what you need to know about self-cleaning

Catalytic ovens are part of the self-cleaning ovens – the highest magic of new technologies in the 21st century. Surely, having an oven that can save you the post-traumatic stress of cleaning it on occasion is an advantage for every cook with a grain of self-respect out there. Catalytic ovens? This oven was censured black […]

The Butter Condtioner’s Case and Ways to Store Butter

It’s a bit strange these days, how things we used to take for granted are now special, more valuable, and unfortunately harder to get. Think about organic and quality food, for example. Our grandparents didn’t think about organic food because everything they were eating was organic. The same holds true for stress levels, noise pollution, […]

Why Your Mom Deserves an Oven Cleaning Gift for Mother’s Day

There are many countries and cultures that celebrate Mother day. It’s a time of the year we once again venture off searching for different gifts for mom. The celebrations varies from country to country, but most of them note it in March or May, depending on Easter’s date. This is a day when we state […]

Top Ten Oven And Kitchen Safety Tips

Hello and welcome again to our blog. It’s been a while since we posted our latest post and now we want to share useful facts about kitchen appliances, cookware and all the required safety related to that. What’s necessary to be safe in the kitchen? 1. Fire extinguisher. It’s a must for every kitchen, no […]

World’s Most Beautiful Dish

Taste, look, smell, right temperature or nutritious qualities. What is the main characteristic of the perfect dish? Can we fall behind on any of these and claim we have it? Is it really that hard to create the ideal meal and serve it in the perfect manner? According to international, award winning chefs it is. […]

Fabulous Chocolate-Mint Cookies

Cooking is a bit of an art. It requires style, skills and knowledge. We also have to be well experienced but creative as well. At the end of the day, cooking seems to be a lot more than just a way to prepare food. We can express ourselves. However, as with every other art, it […]

Solar Ovens | Basics and DIY Tips

  Hello and welcome again to Maggie’s Oven Services Blog. Today, as promised, i will explain you the basic idea behind solar ovens and the way they work. I’ll also give you simple tips on how to make one of these on your own.   Who needs solar cookers? Let’s start with the reason why […]

DIY Wood Fired Pizza Oven

    Cooking is a great way to impress someone. It’s one thing to go to a restaurant but it’s much better to cook for the persona on your own. It’s so much more of a occasion isn’t it? However, If you want to go a step even further, build a wood fired pizza oven […]

Top 4 Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

After analyzing all types of domestic ovens, it’s time to learn more about pizza ovens. Pizza has become international meal thanks to it’s universal taste and versatile recipes each of which is correct and delicious. It’s basically impossible to make pizza wrong if you have even basic clue of cooking. Pizza Ovens Insights There are […]

Smart Tips to Transport Your Oven

We know moving houses isn’t easy. It isn’t pleasant nor is it cheap but it’s a must sometimes and doing it properly guarantees safety along the procedure. However, moving for people with different social status is a different experience. Grown up people, with all the important documents we have, all the furniture and the chronic […]