What Makes Our Customers Say “WOW!”

Here at Maggie’s Oven Services, we are not magicians, but our cleaning services are just like magic. Our technicians aren’t armed with wands and mysterious potions, but with rather more common items – non-toxic detergents, gloves, scrubs and sponges. They have the mojo and know-how to transform any dirty oven into a sparkling, clean cooker. But […]

How Do You Single-handedly Disconnect a Gas Cooker

When it comes to playing around with gas ovens it’s better to be safe than sorry. Initially, disconnecting a gas cooker bayonet fitting may seem tricky. Spills are especially dangerous but we have the good news for you. What is there to know about linking the appliances? Are you dealing with this manner for the […]

Beginner’s Guide to Food Safety and Hygiene

When it comes to food safety and hygiene, they don’t apply only to restaurants and fast food chains. They are all about food shopping, cooking and offering food on different occasions such as parties, picnics, and so on. If you want to avoid food poisoning, you have to follow some pretty simple rules in the […]

Directions for perfectly even pie reheating

Safely reheating a pie in the oven might turn out a greater challenge than it seems at first glance. Pies are in their most dense on the inside with a sensitive to burn crust. Often the attempt results in failure leaving you with a seemingly pastry-burnt pie that is barely warm on the inside. Is […]

Truths & Myths of Oven Cleaner Fumes

There’s a reason oven cleaners you can obtain around the counter are already infamous. Inhaling oven cleaning fumes after cleaning has been known as quite dangerous, resulting in painful cough and sore throat. Reading the sticker you might find that ingesting them is lethal. So how come they are so toxic and yet easily acquirable? […]

Oven Cooking Temperatures [Infographic]

Baking could be defined as both science and art. You must have an artist’s imagination to garnish a fancy meal and scientist’s precision to cook at the right temperature. Don’t worry, you won’t need a degree in arts nor science because we’ve got you covered with oven cooking temperatures.

Pros & Cons of Conventional Ovens vs. AGA Cookers

Remember in one of our last posts we mentioned how different conventional and AGA cookers are? At Maggie’s Oven Services, we decided to take it a little further and explain to you, more in depth, what are the actual pros and cons of using both cookers. As with every other tool, they have their strengths […]

Catalytic ovens – what you need to know about self-cleaning

Catalytic ovens are part of the self-cleaning ovens – the highest magic of new technologies in the 21st century. Surely, having an oven that can save you the post-traumatic stress of cleaning it on occasion is an advantage for every cook with a grain of self-respect out there. Catalytic ovens? This oven was censured black […]

The Butter Condtioner’s Case and Ways to Store Butter

It’s a bit strange these days, how things we used to take for granted are now special, more valuable, and unfortunately harder to get. Think about organic and quality food, for example. Our grandparents didn’t think about organic food because everything they were eating was organic. The same holds true for stress levels, noise pollution, […]

Why Your Mom Deserves an Oven Cleaning Gift for Mother’s Day

There are many countries and cultures that celebrate Mother day. It’s a time of the year we once again venture off searching for different gifts for mom. The celebrations varies from country to country, but most of them note it in March or May, depending on Easter’s date. This is a day when we state […]