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Dmitri Kara

Started as a jack of all trades back in early 2012, Dmitri Kara is currently a recognised expert in a wide range of domestic and commercial trades. Dmitri has appeared for quite a few reputable outlets such as, Metro.News,,,,,,, and many more.

Dmitri Kara

How to Get Rid of Roaches in Stoves, Ovens, Microwaves

At Maggie’s Oven Cleaning, we know that the pesky species of cockroaches (Blattaria) have become a problem, one too common we might add, due to their strong affinity (and adaptivity) for warm and humid surroundings, full of easy-to-access food.  These painfully well-known insects actively scavenge for leftovers, breadcrumbs, or simply easy-to-hijack yummies in your kitchen, […]

Commercial Kitchen Gas Safety Regulations & Rules

Kitchen gas safety should be on the top of every restaurant manager. Commercial cookhouses are regulated due to the need for air circulation and the danger of fire if mandatory procedures are not set in place.  At Maggie’s Oven Cleaning, we know that there is no denying that cooking food in a commercial kitchen can […]

Fittings & Fixtures – Filling A Form?

With every home sale, the issue of fixtures and fittings is always to consider at some stage of the process, and it concerns both the vendor and the buyer. 

Tips On Commercial Oven Cleaning

A professional oven is a must for every commercial kitchen. Industrial oven units beat your average standard oven in quality and performance seven days a week. The quality of cooking depends on no other unit in the restaurant kitchen, as it does on the oven.

How to Clean an Old Aga Range Cooker

Aga range cookers are staples in many kitchens because of amazing, succulent food and a simpler cooking process compared to conventional ovens.  Aga range cookers have been in the hearts of many UK homes for nearly 100 years.

How to Clean Your Oven with Lemon

Fed up of buying expensive cleaning products that rarely live up to their promises?  Clever marketing sees us buying hundreds of different cleaning products a year, all of which claim to make our cleaning tasks exponentially easier.