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Our clients choose our oven cleaning services in Southwark for two main reasons:

  1. We offer the perfect oven cleaning services in Southwark SE1
  2. We help them spend more time with their family and friends

Become one of our happy return customers and also benefit from all the other services we offer in Southwark, like professional oven cleaning, full stove maintenance, BBQ cleaning, extractor and cookware cleaning and more.

Main Benefits in Booking an Oven Cleaning Service in Southwark

Use of child and pet safe cleaning methods and detergents

Fully insured professional cleaners

Have more free time

Get free oven liner with your BBQ and oven cleaning service

The 4 Steps of Our Oven Cleaning Service in Southwark

1.Booking process

This is when your individual quote is presented . The operators note down your demands and the list of which kitchen appliances you want cleaned.

2.Free inspection

As mobile oven cleaners in Southwark, we bring everything necessary to clean your cooker on site. The mobile oven cleaning team will take a look at your appliance and determine its state and see if it is working properly. You then receive information on the needed repairs and suggestions on its maintenance.

3.The oven cleaning process

Our Southwark SE1 client’s safety comes first and that is why we chose cleaning solvents that are not sold over-the-counter. We remove all residual grime and grease from your oven. So that your cooking never again carries the bad smell of old burned food.

The second rule we follow is to use a cleaning method that will not cause any damage. The dip tank method is the ultimate solution for this problem and your oven cleaning technician will disassemble all the removable parts and remove the oven racks and soak them in a dip tank with a powerful cleaning solution that will remove grease and grime from all surfaces. The prolonged soaking of the oven parts in the cleaning solution softens the charred layers and the grime. This way during the manual scrubbing the filth falls off easily and there is no danger of scratching the surfaces.

The oven cleaner will restore your appliance to its original condition, by scrubbing manually the rest of the oven and by making sure to remove all traces of greasy food and burnt leftovers from the melted grease. When all the parts are shining clean, he'll put your appliance back together and test it to make sure it's working perfectly.

Once the oven cleaning service in Southwark is completed, you can start cooking immediately. If you have any questions, just give us a call and we'll be more than happy to help you! Our friendly customer service experts are available to answer your questions at any time, whether over the phone or on our website.

4.After the service is done

We also offer our clients regular oven maintenance. This way you can schedule the cleaning in advance.

Booking extra services will help you maintain your entire kitchen.

We offer our oven cleaning services in Rotherhithe, Greenwich, Woolwich, Peckham and Camberwell

Our BBQ cleaning service in Southwark explained

On your BBQ cleaning day, your BBQ expert will arrive at your address with all the necessary equipment and cleaning solutions. The expert will need access to running water and electricity. Before starting the cleaning process, a protective sheet will be placed over the outdoor area to ensure there will be no mess once the service is over. We've honed our BBQ cleaning techniques over the years. We can clean all types of charcoal, gas and propane grills, smokers, hooded grills and kettle BBQs.

We can help you with other white goods, as well

Your fridge smells bad? Well, appliance cleaning services are often overlooked. But, the need for professional appliance cleaning has never been greater in modern times. Whether you need to find a better way to clean your microwave or need to make your fridge shine again, there's no better way to transform your appliances than by having them professionally cleaned. If you want your appliances cleaned to perfection, then contact us. The reliable technicians we work with in Southwark will examine each of your kitchen appliances and clean them from the inside and outside. Our professional appliance cleaning service in Southwark is a one-stop-shop for all of your kitchen appliance cleaning needs.

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Single oven Width: 60cm Number of racks: 2 Number of doors: 1 Avg. duration: 40 min - 1h

*Incl. the oven cleaning only. Hobs, extractors, etc. additionally chargedPrice:* £58

Double oven Width: 60cm Number of racks: 3 Number of doors: 2 Avg. duration: 1-1.5h

*Incl. the oven cleaning only. Hobs, extractors, etc. additionally chargedPrice:* £76

Single wide oven Avg. duration: 1.5-2h

Price: £

* All minimum charges applyBook Online

See what our clients say about our services

Reviewed by John A. on 2019-12-01

My oven looks like new. Thank you!

Reviewed by M. Lawrance on 2019-11-13

Easy to book service and great professionals!

Reviewed by Melanie D. on 2019-09-10

More than satisfied! I will recommend to all of my friends.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I use the oven right after the service?

A: Yes, however we recommend to turn it on for 10-15 minutes to remove the excess moisture.

Q: Are there any parts of the oven that you don’t clean?

A: No. Anything that is part of the oven is cleaned.

Q: Will the technician clean after himself?

A: Yes, he will leave the area perfectly clean and presentable.

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