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Why book Professional Oven Cleaning in Peckham by Us

  • Outstanding results - We are experts in oven cleaning, so if you see some nasty stains and grease build-ups in your kitchen stove don’t wait and book our oven cleaning service in Peckham.
  • Eco-friendly detergents - All of our cleaning solutions are safe for kids and pets!
  • Increased life of the oven - Your oven should be cleaned at least twice per year, especially if you regularly use it. Also, regular cleanings can reduce the need for expensive and inconvenient repairs.
  • Improved food taste - Aside from cooking skills, cleanliness is also a big factor in the taste of food. By removing burnt grease and pieces of food residue in your oven a couple of times a year, you will enjoy better-tasting food.
  • Dip-tank cleaning method - Dip Tank cleaning method is very effective! The prolonged soaking in the tank softens the grime and makes it easily cleanable.
  • Get a free oven liner with teflon coating after your service.
  • Save more with the individual quotes we can provide you with - When contacting ask for our latest offers and discounts rgearding your specific needs. Our call center experts can answer any service-related questions

The Local Oven Cleaners in Peckham:

  • Had extended training
  • Fully vetted and certified
  • Experienced in cleaning all kinds of oven, stoves, cookers and kitchen appliances
  • Always pay attention to details while cleaning
  • Protect the area around the appliance they clean - The professional cleaners will take care of your oven with care and respect. The oven cleaners wear overshoes on their feet and cover the area near the stove to protect the floors from grease spillages.
  • Clear away their trash after the service
  • Wipe the counters and floor around the oven when the service is done
  • Wipe and polish the appliance on the outside to make it shine

Our oven cleaning services can also be hired in: Greenwich, Woolwich, Camberwell, Catford, and Southwark.

Our Oven Cleaning Service in Peckham in Process:

  • 1. The cleaners turn on the cooker to assess the working condition. Should there be any damages noticed they will be reported to you.
  • 2. The door is disassembled, the removable parts are placed in the dip tank with a cleaning solution and left to soak.
  • 3. The oven is sprayed with detergent.
  • 4. All removable parts - trays, racks, grills, hobs, control knobs and so on are washed until even the last traces of burned food and grime fall off.
  • 5. The walls of the oven are cleaned, washed and dried with towels.
  • 6. The door is cleaned and reassembled.
  • 7. Once the cleaning is done the stove is tested again. This is when the client is requested to check the work.

    Check our oven and appliances cleaning prices in Peckham

    Oven and other appliance cleaning prices are based on the type of the appliance and its size. For easy reference, please check the prices below or contact us and benefit from our deals.

    Single oven Width: 60cm Number of racks: 2 Number of doors: 1 Avg. duration: 40 min - 1h

    *Incl. the oven cleaning only. Hobs, extractors, etc. additionally chargedPrice:* £58

    Double oven

    Price: £

    * All minimum charges applyBook Online

    See what our clients say about our services

    Reviewed by Jillian Crawley on 2019-12-03

    They finished their oven cleaning work with amazing result so I booked them for regular cleaning.

    Reviewed by Simon Statham on 2019-11-19

    I'm definitely calling this company again. They cleaned my fridge perfectly and left no mess behind. They even use plastic overshoes.

    Reviewed by Rachel Lauren on 2019-10-01

    They made my oven look brand new and done a fantastic job. The cleaner was precise when dissembling the oven and left everything in order. Many thanks!!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Do you replace oven light bulbs and extractor fan filters?

    A: Yes, we can replace them, however you will need to provide the new ones as we do not offer supply and delivery as part of the service.

    Q: Can I pay with a credit card?

    A: Yes, of course! Just please contact us at least a day before your service to provide the necessary details.

    Q: How often should a grill be professionally cleaned?

    A: We recommend to deep clean your BBQ before and after the grilling season.

    Q: Can I possibly book an appointment for after work hours or maybe even the weekend so I can be home?

    A: Yes, this can be arranged. Weekend appointments come without any extra charges but after work hours bookings have an additional fee.

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