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How to Benefit From Our Oven Cleaning Service in Hampstead

Don't have time for daily cleaning? Get your oven cleaned for you! We deliver our oven cleaning service in Hampstead at a great price and offer exceptional results, leaving your oven ready for you to use again right after the service. With us, you can stop thinking of your oven and spend more time with your family and friends.

Dip tank  cleaning method

By using a dip tank filled with water and detergent the cleaners can remove even the most resilient charred cooking remains. The soaking process softens the grime and makes it easier to be removed manually. This way there is no danger of scratches while the oven parts are manually scraped.

Eco-friendly detergents

When we choose the cleaning solvents we make sure that they are child and pet safe. Our detergents are unparalleled in the industry as they can remove even the most difficult stains and grime.

Appliance cleaning service performed by fully vetted professionals

Our experience and training has made us the best-trained professionals at cleaning any kind of oven or stove. All professional cleaners are vetted and fully insured.

During the service, the cleaners take protective measures. They wear overshoes inside and cover all the surfaces around the cooker while cleaning it. After the oven cleaning service, the oven cleaners always take out their trash and wipe down the area around the stove. This way your kitchen receives an oven and some kitchen cleaning, as well.

The oven cleaners carry their entire gear for the service in their car. That is why they need a parking spot for the duration of the service.

No more bad smells in your kitchen

Once you book our professional oven cleaning service in Hampstead, you won't need to endure the bad smell of your cooker or extractor anymore. The professional service deals with the removal of such stench. Even the thinnest layer of grease can become an entire ecosystem for microbes and harmful pathogens that may cause sickness. When the oven is not maintained properly or used often there is a chance for mildew growth. Our cleaning methods present you with the ultimate solution to dealing with all those biohazards.

Prolonged lifespan of your oven

Your oven is a key piece of the kitchen and you want to improve its performance. But how can you accomplish this? Regularly wiping down your oven's exterior can halt the grime from forming, but it won't end up being the solution. Your oven requires deep cleaning in a timely manner in order for the appliance to function properly.

Prepare delicious culinary masterpieces

Cooking in a clean oven can significantly improve your food's taste. That is one more positive side of regular oven maintenance.

We also offer:

  • AGA cleaning;
  • BBQ cleaning
  • Microwave cleaning
  • Washing machine cleaning
  • Fridge cleaning
  • Freezer cleaning

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Oven cleaning prices are based on the type of appliance and the size. You can benefit from our deals if decide to combine more than one appliances. Please check the prices below or contact us and get a personal quote.

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Reviewed by Rupert Cage on 2019-11-06

My friend recommended your services and I am more than satisfied.

Reviewed by Alison Deemer on 2019-10-08

I would definitely use again your kitchen cleaning service. Great professionals.

Reviewed by Andrea Webster on 2019-08-07

Very easy to book and everything happens very quickly. They arrived on time and did their job in an hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use the oven right after the service?

A: Yes, however we recommend to turn it on for 10-15 minutes to remove the excess moisture.

Q: Are the technicians you send reliable?

A: They are experienced, professionally trained and insured. You can count on them!

Q: Do you disassemble the BBQ?

A: Yes. The removable parts are detached and placed in a dip tank filled with cleaning solution while the rest of the grill is scrubbed manually.

Q: How many cleaners will you send for the domestic kitchen cleaning service?

A: It depends on the size of the kitchen and your personal priorities.

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