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Professional oven cleaning services in Kilburn

p>Instead of putting an effort into scrubbing and scraping, spend your time with family or friends. Count on our local oven cleaners in Kilburn NW6, the result always is a germ-free spotless oven.

Maggie's Oven Services is a professional appliance cleaning business with over 10 years of experience. The technicians we work with are dedicated to providing quality cleaning services to residents and businesses alike. They have a knack for finding the right balance between thoroughness and efficiency, which is why they are such experts at professional appliance cleaning.

The pros also offer quick and convenient BBQ cleaning services. They can be there the same day if you need them and will work to complete your appliance cleaning job within an hour or two. The professionals are meticulous to the nth degree when deep cleaning your appliances.

Our oven cleaning service in Kilburn in detail

The cleaner will arrive at your home, with all the tools and detergents needed to clean your oven. He will cover the floor of your kitchen with a mat to protect it from spills and messes. Then, he will soak all parts of your appliance in a tank filled with water and detergent.

Then, the professional will clean your oven's interior and stovetop from grease and burnt food, as well as the glass door. Once everything is buffed to a mirror-like shine and the exterior is polished, the service technician will return all the elements which were previously removed, polished and dried. Then the oven cleaning technician will run a test to check if your oven is working properly.

We offer a full range of domestic appliance cleaning services, from ovens to washers. Whether you need your oven cleaned, dishwashers and fridges polished or your BBQ grill cleaned, we will come and clean your appliances. Just give us a call for a free quote today.

Benefits Our Oven Cleaning Service in Kilburn

1. Dip tank cleaning method

All removable oven parts are dismantled and soaked in a powerful cleaning solution. That softens the grease and grime so they fall off easily so the results are better than ever.

Once removed from the soaking solution and cleaned, the removable parts of the stove are rinsed and dried. At the end of the service, the cleaners test the stove. The professionals always perform this inspection with the client present, so he can give feedback on the work right away. Your suggestions and feedback help us make the service even better.

2. A healthy meal every day

With time the cooking steam sticks to the oven walls and parts and when it cools it turns into a layer of grime. The more greasy the food is, the thicker the layer gets. This grime burns every time you cook and creates a bad smell.

3.No more fire hazard

Now you'll be able to bake again without worrying that the oven is going to catch fire. The risk of a fire is eliminated.

4.No smoke

Smoke from your appliance is no longer a problem. Your fresh-baked cookies won't taste like your last Sunday roast.

5.Prolonged life span

A clean oven will also serve you longer.

6.Lower energy bills

You may notice that your energy bills have gone dow this month.

Booking an extra service brings discounts on the price and more. Check your quote and see what other benefits we have in store for you.

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Getting a quote with us is a piece of cake. Just use the online booking form and you can get an instant quote, as well as book your appointment in a few clicks.

Check our cooker cleaning prices in Kilburn

Prices for oven and appliances cleaning are based on the appliance type and size. You can advance from great deals when you book the cleaning of a few of your cooking appliances at one appointment. For easy reference, check the prices table below or contact us.

Single oven Width: 60cm Number of racks: 2 Number of doors: 1 Avg. duration: 40 min - 1h

*Incl. the oven cleaning only. Hobs, extractors, etc. additionally chargedPrice:* £58

Double oven Avg. duration: 1-1.5h

Price: £

* All minimum charges applyBook Online

See what our customers have to say

Reviewed by Henry on 2019-12-02

Great service. I recommend it!

Reviewed by Joanna on 2019-11-20

Very good oven cleaning. I'm impressed.

Reviewed by Sonya P. on 2019-11-13

Great services at reasonable price. Highly recommend the oven clean.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Which parts of Kilburn NW6 do you cover?

A: We cover the whole Kilburn district, including Kilburn, Brondesbury, West Hampstead, Queen's Park, Kensal Green, South Hampstead and Swiss Cottage.

Q: When can I start using my oven after your job is done?

A: Before you start using your oven you have to turn it on empty for 15 minutes to evaporate the left moisture. Then you can start cooking.

Q: What type of detergents do you use? Are they safe for pets and children?

A: Yes, the detergents we use are completely safe for your pets and family.

Q: I need my whole kitchen deep cleaned. Can you help me?

A: Yes, we can. We do offer thorough deep kitchen cleaning. However, if you want your oven deep cleaned, too, you need to book it separately.

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