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Ovens may be the perfect housewife's best friend, but they can get very dirty over time. We at Maggie's Oven Services can save your time and remove the tough build-up on your stovetop and prepare it for new cooking adventures. As an oven cleaning company in Golders Green, part of our duties is to save our clients' time. We aim to provide a high standard user-friendly oven cleaning service for an affordable price. For optimum hygiene and safety, we recommend you book a professional oven cleaning every six months.

3 Reasons to Use our Oven Cleaning Service in Golders Green

Vetted and fully insured oven cleaning professionals

Oven cleaning companies can’t depend on unskilled staff if they want to survive in the competitive industry. In order to provide quality service, the cleaners must be fully trained in the cleaning methods and detergents usage. All professional oven cleaners in Golders Green are fully insured. Their experience is essential when maintaining the thousands of types of ovens, stoves, cookers and other cooking appliances there are. Once the professionals are done with the work they make sure to collect and throw away their trash. This and wearing overshoes inside your house is one of the ways to keep your home clean in every possible way.

The professional oven cleaners in Golders Green are always meticulous. They will use overshoes and protect the surrounding area and kitchen floor from dirt accumulated during the oven cleaning service. They will wipe down the stove and then take out all trash. Your kitchen will certainly receive an oven maintenance service plus partial kitchen cleaning.

The professionals always come prepared and bring their entire cleaning gear and detergents with them. They travel by car and that is why upon booking our call centre operators will ask you to provide a parking space for the duration of the service.

The professionals can visit all parts of Golders Green, including Temple Fortune, Hampstead Garden Suburb, Hendon, Brent Cross and more

We also work in other areas like: Kilburn, Hampstead, Camden, Willesden and Cricklewood

Save money, but still have the immaculate spotless surface the professional oven cleaning in Golders Green can provide

This is all made possible with the help of our affordable rates. Book our regular oven valeting service and plan for a year in advance.

What extra benefits we offer besides our discounts in the price? Our cleaning technique removes all traces of grease and burned food without any danger of damaging the washed surfaces. The strong detergents can remove all harmful bacteria and microbes. When booking a professional oven cleaning, there is no reason to worry anymore about growing mildew.

Delicious healthy meals every time

Choosing the best recipe and improving your cooking skills can make you as good as any professional chef. There is one more tip for you if you wish to have a heavenly meal every time - always cook in a clean oven. Hygiene is one of the essentials in the kitchen. Trust the expert’s advice and book an oven cleaning service three times a year on average.

Booking an appliance cleaning service in Golders Green NW11

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  5. Free oven liner covered with Teflon for your personal use. You will receive it with each oven and bbq cleaning service you book with us.

Check our cooker cleaning rates in Golders Green

Prices are based on the type and size of the appliance. For additional info, you can always contact us.

Single oven Width: 60cm Number of racks: 2 Number of doors: 1 Avg. duration: 40 min - 1h

Price: £58

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Reviews from some of our clients

Reviewed by Amelie on 2019-12-19

Don't know how the cleaner did it, but my oven looks like it was just bought.

Reviewed by Ava on 2019-12-02

I could have never in my wildest dreams cleaned my oven this well.

Reviewed by Harry on 2019-11-06

This is the 3rd time I've used Maggie, and I can say for sure that this is the best oven cleaning service in Golders Green.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Does my fridge need to be unplugged from the power before you start cleaning?

A: Yes, and it's preferable if it has been defrosted at least 24 hours before the service.

Q: Can I pay for the service I booked by card?

A: Yes, just be sure to provide your card details at least a couple of days before the service if possible. The money will be taken upon completion of the service.

Q: Does my fridge need to be unplugged from the power before you start cleaning?

A: Yes, and it's preferable if it has been defrosted at least 24 hours before the service.

Q: How long do I have to wait after the service to use my oven?

A: You only need to let it burn empty for around 15 mins and it's ready to go.

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