Professional oven cleaning in Barnet EN5

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A professional oven cleaning service for a germ-free oven.
Free inspection of an oven or a kitchen appliance of your choice.
We bring our own professional equipment and detergents.

We know that one of the dirtiest and time-consuming chores is cleaning a dirty oven. Let us handle this housework and while the oven cleaners are busy you can plan the next healthy meal. By choosing us, you will have more free time and no worries when it comes to your family’s health. A clean and ready-for-use oven in just a few hours is our best promise.

Here Some Benefits of Our Deep Oven Cleaning Service in Barnet

  • The years of experience and extended training of the oven cleaning professionals in Barnet guarantee that your appliance will look new. With us, you can expect a sparkling clean oven, at a fair price.
  • Observed quality standard in valeting methods. There's no doubt about it — your kitchen will look great after the cleaning. Your oven cleaners in Barnet always take their trash out and take care of the areas near the stove by covering and protecting them against accidental detergent spills.
  • Improved food taste after the cleaning. Cleaning your oven regularly ensures better-tasting food. Aside from the cooking skills of a person and their recipe, cleanliness plays a huge role in the end result. Burned grease on the oven walls releases various smells when it's working. Chances are they'll stick to your food and even ruin it. Experiment and see how your recipe tastes before and after you deep-clean your oven.
  • Low energy consumption after the cleaning. Keeping your oven clean and properly maintained is important. Regularly wiping it down after every use will help slow down the process of grease buildup, but it will not completely stop it. If you want to preserve your oven well it must be deep cleaned at least twice a year. When used more, an oven requires cleaning more often.
  • We give a free Teflon oven liner to every oven cleaning client.

How our Oven Cleaning Service in Barnet Works

  1. We check the stove to determine if it works properly. All the hobs and ovens are tested ass well.
  2. All removable parts are disassembled, including the door.
  3. They are placed in a dip tank with strong cleaning solution, all burned food and rust are scraped away.
  4. Once the oven is cleaned to perfection the parts are turned to their places
  5. The technician will clean after himself and left no mess behind.
  6. The oven and the hobs are tested to see if they function properly.

Book our Oven Cleaning Service in Barnet and Forget About the Dirty Oven

Our Oven Cleaning Services are Also Available in Islington, Holloway and Finsbury Park.

You can book a service online through our booking form or chat.

Our prices for oven and appliance cleaning in Barnet

Our oven cleaning prices are based on the type and size of the appliance. We also offer some amazing combo deals in case you're looking to have a few of your appliances cleaned on the same day. You can check our price table below or you can contact us.

Single oven Avg. duration: 40 min - 1h

Price: £

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Hear it from our clients

Reviewed by Jim on 2019-11-29

Gotta say, this was probably the best oven cleaning service I've ever gotten.

Reviewed by Gemma on 2019-11-19

Can't recommend these guys enough!

Reviewed by Abdul on 2019-09-11

Can't remember the last time my oven looked this great.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Which parts of Barnet do you cover?

A: We cover all of Barnet.

Q: Can I use the oven straight away after the clean?

A: Yes! All you have to do before you start cooking is to turn the oven on the highest setting for about 15 minute first to evaporate any leftover moisture.

Q: Do you have any special deals?

A: As a matter of fact, we do. You can check current special deals on our "prices" page.

Q: Do you clean self-cleaning ovens?

A: It depends. Not all self-cleaning ovens can be cleaned by hand. However, the ones that can be cleaned, will be cleaned.

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