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A high quality oven cleaning service for a sanitised oven.
Conducting a free inspection of your cooker before cleaning.
We bring our own professional equipment and detergents. You only have to provide us with electricity and running water.
We understand that one of the most troublesome and time-consuming tasks is cleaning a dirty oven. Allow us to take care of this chore for you. While our oven cleaners are hard at work, you can plan your next healthy meal or just enjoy the rest of your day. By choosing our reliable cooker cleaning services in Edmonton, you guarantee that your appliance will be perfectly clean and sanitised, well prepared for meal preparation. Let us lift the weight of oven cleaning from your shoulders and witness the great results for yourself!  

Some of the Benefits of Our Deep Oven Cleaning Service in Edmonton

  • Our oven and appliance cleaners in Edmonton are fully trained and carry a public liability insurance. This ensures that your appliance will look as good as new after our services. With us, you can expect a sparkling clean and fresh-smelling oven at a fair price.
  • Don't worry, we won't leave a mess after the service! Our oven cleaners in Edmonton always dispose of their rubbish and take care to cover and protect the areas near the stove against accidental detergent and grime spills.
  • Improved food quality after the service. A regularly cleaned oven guarantees a better-tasting meal. Besides the cooking skills of a person and their recipe, cleanliness plays a significant role in the final result. Burnt grease on the oven walls releases various smells when in use, which can cling to your food and easily ruin it. You will easily witness the difference when you use the cooker for the first time after our experts are done cleaning it.
  • Low energy consumption after the cleaning. Keeping your oven clean and properly maintained is important. Giving it a quick wipedown regularly after every use will help slow down the process of grease buildup, but it will not completely stop it. If you want to preserve your oven well, it must be deep cleaned at least twice a year. When a cooker is used more frequently, it requires cleaning more often.
  • We install a free Teflon oven liner for every client's oven after the service.

What to Expect from our Oven Cleaning in Edmonton

  1. When the technician arrives, he will check if your cooker works properly before he begins cleaning.
  2. He will then disassemble all the removable parts of the appliance.
  3. The previously removed parts will be submerged in a dip tank with a powerful cleaning solution. While the parts soak, the professional will clean the rest of the oven.
  4. Once everything is perfectly cleaned, the cleaner will put the oven back together.
  5. The oven cleaner will then clean all the mess left behind from the service, making sure that he leaves the entire area spottless.
  6. The oven and all its components will be tested one last time.

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We serve the following areas too: Wembley, Mitcham, Barking, Angel, Harrow, Bromley, Enfield, Romford and Knightsbridge. Here you can see our complete area coverage. You can schedule a service online through our booking form or chat with one of our customer care representatives.
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Hear it from our clients

Reviewed by Jim on 2019-11-29

Gotta say, this was probably the best oven cleaning service I've ever gotten.

Reviewed by Gemma on 2019-11-19

Can't recommend these guys enough!

Reviewed by Abdul on 2019-09-11

Can't remember the last time my oven looked this great.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can you clean self-cleaning ovens?

A: Yes, we can. Self-cleaning ovens also require maintenance once in a while. For instance, sometimes grease and grime accumulate behind the liners, and the technicians will make sure to remove them. The self-cleaning panels cannot be treated with chemicals or scraped because they might be damaged.

Q: What happens if my cleaner is late?

A: In case the oven cleaning technicians are late (because of traffic or something else unforeseen), then we will make sure to give you a call and inform you when they will arrive.

Q: Do you use the dip tank method when cleaning barbecues?

A: Yes, we do. All parts of your barbecue that can be disassembled will be soaked in an eco-friendly detergent in the dip tank.

Q: Is it possible to get a service after your working hours or on weekends?

A: Weekend services are provided at no additional cost, but we do have an extra fee for our after-hours service.

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