5 Palatable Meals to Effortlessly Cook With Your Halogen Oven

What halogen cookers became famous for is that they cook faster and better than conventional ovens while coming cheaper. However cooking times and temperatures of halogen heaters are not widely recognised and remain unfamiliar. Want to unfold the culinary potential of these ovens? We will leave you with a couple of toothsome recipes that are painless to make, starting off with:


How to prepare frozen chips

To cook frozen chips in a halogen oven you need to:

  1. Distribute the chips evenly. It doesn’t really matter which rack you use, halogen ovens have fans for perfect heat circulation.
  2. For 1 portion of 250g set the timer at 15 minutes and the temperature to 180 degrees Celsius.
  3. For bigger portions cook about 20 minutes on the same temperature, but mash up the chips after 10.

Reminder: Pay attention to colouring and remove after “golden” has been achieved.


How to prepare jacket potatoes

With microwave for crispy outers and fluffy innards. For cooking jacket potatoes in halogen oven:

  1. Par cook the potatoes in the microwave for 10-12 minutes
  2. Rub them with some olive oil and sea salt
  3. Wrap them in foil to avoid drying out
  4. Leave in the halogen oven for 30 minutes at 200 C
  5. Unwrap the foil in the last 5 minutes and slightly turn the heat up for a nice crisp.

Without microwave:

Same as above except you cook them at 170-180 for about 45-50 minutes.

Reminder: Try them out with a fork. If it goes in smoothly – they’re done. If you feel resistance before reaching the centre of the potato – cook for another 7-8 mins and try again.


How to prepare sausages

Sausage comes in two ways. Cooking sausages if you prefer them grilled:

  1. Use the extender ring or place them on the bottom rack
  2. Set the oven at 220 C and cook for about 10 minutes. No need for turning.

For soft butcher sausages:

180 degrees Celsius for about 25 minutes.

Pro tip: Put water in the bottom. The grease will float, leaving you with an easy-to-clean bowl after.


How to prepare roast potatoes

For better results you’d need to parboil them first. Cooking roast potatoes in a halogen oven:

  1. Peel your potatoes
  2. Boil them for 5 minutes (add a little salt when the water starts boiling)
  3. Put them in the halogen oven and cover them in oil and seasoning
  4. Leave them there for an hour at 200 C, but move them around half an hour in.

Note: You can also roast chicken along with the potatoes. The cooking temperature for roasting chicken is a little lower than that for roasting potatoes, but in a halogen oven it’s possible, because of the powerful fan.


How to prepare roasted beef sirloin

Beef can be tricky, but there’s a basic rule for preparing it. How long to cook roast beef in a halogen oven:

Follow the 20 minutes rule. You start with 20 mins at 200 C and then cook the sirloin 20 minutes per half a kilogram at 180 C.

For example: 1 kg => 20 mins at 200 C + 2 x 20 mins at 180 C = 60 mins.

Advice for great taste:

  • Start off with a non-heated halogen cooker
  • Adding red wine 30 minutes before it’s done will make your beef significantly tastier
  • Don’t add salt! You want your beef juicy. It will suck up the moisture. Black pepper is fine
  • If you’re dealing with a large piece of beef, cover it with foil to prevent outer burning.


A general rule of thumb: If there are instructions on the bag – follow the ones for a fan oven, but lower the suggested temperature by 20 degrees and cook for less.