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Our experience in oven cleaning helps us provide quality services at an affordable price. Every day we clean some of the latest innovative ovens, gas or electric cookers and even wood stoves. This diversity makes our oven cleaning service applicable to all clients.

Oven Valeting Benefits for Bethnal Green E2

Professional cleaners - fully insured

  • All professional oven cleaners we work with are trained before they get on a job.
  • Besides the extended knowledge and experience, the professional oven cleaners have full insurance.
  • We bring all necessary equipment and detergents.

Healthy home

Mould can be a real health risk for your family. It’s important to maintain a clean and hygienic mould-free oven. Our expert oven cleaning service comes with high-quality products and exceptional customer service. The dip tank method combined with detergents that are not sold over-the-counter can clean even the thickest layers of grime, rust and mould. Even so, after the grime is removed, the cleaners wash all removable parts with water and dry them with towels. Extra precaution is the testing of the oven. When the appliance is turned on all traces of the detergents burn.

Child and pet safety

We use child and pet safe detergents, which are not sold in conventional stores. Their eco-friendly nature makes them safe to use.

No mess left behind

You'll feel comfortable you see your kitchen put back together after the service. The cleaning crew takes out all trash and cleans around your stove. They also cover up areas near the stove to protect them from accidental detergent spillage or mess.

Prolonged life span

Regularly cleaning your oven can protect it from grime build up and slow the process of oxidation. If you'd like to save more of your oven's life, you must deep clean it at least twice a year.

More free time

  • Leaving the dirty work to us will give you more free time. While booking, you can make a cleaning schedule according to your needs and time. Don’t forget to inquire about regular cleaning services. This way you will be able to plan your Spring cleaning and deep kitchen cleaning for the rest of the year.

Food taste

  • Delicious food is the best result when cooking in a clean oven. Without the bad smell coming from the layers of grease and charred food, all you have to do to achieve that perfect tasting meal is choose the right recipe and follow it.

Our extra services

  • Booking extra services can make your kitchen cleaner than ever. Do not hesitate to call us to put your fridge and freezer in order or prepare the BBQ for your next party. It's no secret that with us the more services you book, the greater benefits and discounts you get!

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You can check all our prices below. They're based on the type and size of the appliance. For extra info, you can contact us, directly.

Single oven Width: 60cm Number of racks: 2 Number of doors: 1 Avg. duration: 40 min - 1h

*Incl. the oven cleaning only. Hobs, extractors, etc. additionally chargedPrice:* £58

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Don't take our word for it, look at what people that have used us think

Reviewed by Emily on 2019-12-10

I welcomed the cleaner, let him in and went out for a stroll with the dog. When I came back some 40 minutes later, I couldn't even recognize my old oven. Such a fantastic service.

Reviewed by Mariella on 2019-12-01

Definitely the best oven cleaning service in Bethnal Green!

Reviewed by Horatio on 2019-10-06

The man that came over was like a magician, cleaned my oven to perfection.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Which parts of Bethnal Green do you cover?

A: We cover the entire Bethnal Green area.

Q: Do you guys fix ovens as well?

A: No, we only clean them. However if a light inside the oven needs to be changed, we can help with that.

Q: Can you change the filter of my extractor hood?

A: Yes, however, you need to provide the new one.

Q: How long do I have to wait after the service to cook again?

A: Not long at all. You just have to let the empty oven burn on high temperate for around 15 minutes and you're ready to go.

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