Types of Cookers and Purchase Tips

What should we know before spending our money?

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Before anything else, let’s see how to smart purchase an oven for your home, shall we?


There are two different types of ovens according to their basic principles of work – convection ovens and conventional ones. They differ from one another by the fan in the convention cooker. It’s used to spread heat equally and evenly around the oven by spinning the air. More modern and advanced cookers are convectional and probably that is what you want to have if you are keen on food quality. There are also new age halogen cookers that use halogen light to cook and do extremely well as meals cook fast and evenly.

Other specifications to pick between are the built in or standard ovens. According to a research made in the UK in 2013, over 70% of the people prefer built in ovens because of the slick look and because they save space.


gaselovenGas VS. Electricity

Gas ovens are cheaper to run but probably a hint less safety. Their main advantage however is the higher speed of reaching maximum temperature.

Electrical ovens, you are probably familiar with. They are a bit slower in terms of reaching their maximum temperature but are safer.

Probably the best combination between the two are cookers with gas hobs and electrical ovens.


How to pick a brand?

Most big and famous brands have great products and you will not make a mistake picking any of these. Our company works with the biggest names in the industry from which you can choose.


In our next post, we will cover the process of installation, it’s specifics and the main details which you need to know when it comes to installing an oven in your home.