Cooker Installation Manual

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Properly installed cooker in London

We don’t want to lose your time so directly to the question – how to install a cooker?

The first important aspect of the procedure is to understand that domestic ovens are big consumers of high voltage electricity. You must never underestimate the safety when working with these machines.

Cooker Installation instructions in steps:

  1.  Go to the main control unit and switch the power off. Even if you know what you’re doing, there is always a chance for mistakes. Don’t take risks.
  2. Disconnect the cooker from the main circuit.
  3. If it is suitable and only after you make sure it meets all rules and regulations, evaluate and connect the new oven to existing connections.
  4. Make sure your final work meets all health and safety requirements. The nearby cabinets and switches should be far enough, especially if your new cooker has gas hobs. Make sure there aren’t any switches or fire sensors over the cooker too. The best case scenario is to have an extractor.
  5. Two independent tests must be performed before plugging in the oven – security test of the cooker and one of the power circuit.
  6. You need to have an Electric certificate (and a Gas Certificate if dual fuel) in order to be sure all preliminary safety checks are done.
  7. Once the new cooker installed, take your old one and give it for recycling or sell it, using websites like “olx”, for instance. Another option is to give it to poor people who cannot afford a cooker. That kind of generosity will actually make someone’s life a lot easier and happier.


properlly installed oven

Proper Oven Installation


  • Make sure you have the proper electrical outlet according to the oven you are about to install. For cookers consuming more than 3KW, you’ll need 32 amp outlets. For the one using less than that 13 amp outlets will be enough.
  • Check if there is enough space behind and on both sides of the cooker to allow ventilation.
  • If you install gas oven, one significant difference should stay in your focus – make sure the connection to the gas pipe is tight and always pay attention to the smell in the room. If you smell gas, take measures immediately.

All these tips are accurate of course, if you decide to to the job yourself. You can of course hire cooker cleaning professionals to do it.

Hope you’ll find this guide useful. Next week we’ll publish more useful information. Have a nice week.