4 Plus 1 Unusual Benefits From Cleaning

What are the benefits of cleaning?

cleaning kidsWhy should we do it? Is it really necessary to spend time and efforts and quite a lot of money, on something such as dusting and spider nets removing? Long story short, yes we do. And in order to prove it, i would like to emphasise on the 4+1 most significant and unexpected benefits from cleaning.

The different types of cleaning and the concrete benefits that each of them delivers.


  1. Carpet cleaning removes bacteria, dust and small micro-organisms which live in the soft flooring. These are the main cases of asthma attacks.
  2. Mattress cleaning removes bed bugs which cause different illnesses and bite which is simply unpleasant. With latest technologies, such as ultra violet light cleaning, the procedure is safer and greener than ever.
  3. Bathroom and toilet cleaning – areas with a lot of moisture, therefore perfect for mildew developing. Bad smells and ugly looking bathrooms are common. These can be illness causers.
  4. Kitchen cleaning. It’s directly related to our health. If not executed well enough, with caution and care, our food may get dirty and dangerous for our health to a certain extend. We have to clean the fridge, the cooker, the oven and the hobs. These must be scrubbed and rinsed perfectly. Always! Grease, sticky stains and similar extremely nasty problems are quite frankly – bacteria nests. Remove them.


Except the purely hygienic point of view, the cleaning has at least 4 unexpected, little mentioned but crucial and extremely useful benefits.

#1. Discipline

According to some powerful and successful managers worldwide, cleaning in home executed as a routine is crucial for the success of each professional. If you are organised and motivated enough to make your bed everyday, you’ll get the feel of a job well done. On the other side, if you cannot get your personal room in order, how can you be able to order your life or even big organisations. That’s seems very unlikely, isn’t it?

According to a research from 2013, kids, educated in cleaning their rooms, achieve higher results in school and have better potential to be successful in life. The reason is the discipline which the proper cleaning execution demands.



#2. Attention to details


The devil is in the details. Cleaning presents a perfect example of it. Corners, small spots, little fragile objects, all must be well cleaned in order for the home to look well. Most furniture and appliances in the house require different approach to their cleaning – different cleaning solutions, sponges, brushes and other tools. If not careful enough, you may damage your stuff. Cleaning educates in attention to details.

#3. Consistency

No matter how well your home is cleaned and how much efforts did you put in the adequate execution of the procedure, if you neglect the place for a week or two, all will be worthless. Consistency is the number three hidden but very important benefit for our characters which we learn by cleaning. In order for your home to look well every day, it will need everyday care. That is the case with everything in life and it is easy to learn it trough cleaning.

#4. Teamwork


Face it, you can do very little alone and on your own. The biggest, most significant and long lasting achievements of humanity would have been impossible without team work and perfect coordination. The cleaning in our homes gives us a chance to learn the practical side of that statement. If you can, involve as much people of your family or household in the process, as possible. It won’t be easy to coordinate them but once you’ve done with it, your place will look like new. In order to ease the process, give everyone a specific task and explain well what and how exactly should be washed. For example, the cooker should be cleaned inside and out, the glass door of the oven should be scrubbed and cleaned two times, because of the grease build ups. The area behind the machine must take proper portion of cleaning efforts too, as this is mainly where cooking ingredients fall and rot.

With these 4+1 reasons to clean and to involve your little ones in to it, i want to say have a nice weekend and expect us with more tips and smart ideas next week. Cheers.