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Expert Oven Cleaning Service in Wimbledon

After years of development, Maggie's Oven Services has really cracked the code on professional deep oven cleaning. Our expert oven cleaning process renders high-quality results you can see for yourself — just by looking into our reviews and testimonials page.

Benefits of Our Oven Valeting Service in Wimbledon

  • Healthier food

When the cooker is working grime vaporises and falls onto your food. Any bad smell is a sure sign that you need to clean up your oven as soon as possible.

Many of our long-term clients confirm that the food prepared in а freshly cleaned oven tastes and looks better. Tasty recipes and lack of hazardous microbes improve the taste of the final product. You can now join them with our regular maintenance service.

  • Prologed life span

There are several benefits of keeping your oven clean on a regular basis. One of them is that your home will be safer from smoke and fire. Built-up food leftover and deposits can often catch fire in your oven. If you're not cleaning the appliance regularly, it can become dangerous to use. So, cleaning your cooker regularly will reduce the risk of fire. Another benefit is that it will make your appliance more efficient. You’ll save money in the long run by not having to replace your oven sooner.

    • Dip tank method

    The method is performed by vetted and fully insured professional oven cleaners. The dip tank is filled with a cleaning solution of detergent and water. All removable parts are soaked in the solution for a prolonged period of time. The dip tank method is perfect for removing grime and charred cooking. The stove’s removable parts are washed and dried before being returned to their respectable places.

    This cleaning method allows the professional cleaners to attend to the oven while the removable parts soak in the solution, saving time in the process.

    • Additional services we offer
    • Oven inspection as part of the service - before and after
    • Extra kitchen appliance services - hob, extractor, fridge, freezer, BBQ, washing machine cleaning and more
    • Regular oven valeting
    • Regular domestic cleaning
    • Combo deals of oven cleaning and other appliance cleaning services

    Our oven cleaning services are also available in Balham, Brixton, South Lambeth, Stockwell and Croydon.

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Single oven Width: 60cm Avg. duration: 40 min - 1h

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See what our clients say about our services

Reviewed by Becky Colin on 2019-10-30

Amazing service!! My oven is pristine like.

Reviewed by Ashton R. on 2019-09-12

I couldn't believe when I first saw my oven. Amazing results, thank you!

Reviewed by Nicole Ray on 2019-05-07

Good service and nice cleaners. I will definitely book again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you clean self-cleaning ovens?

A: Yes, we clean every type of ovens.

Q: How much time will the Aga cleaning service take?

A: It depends on the size of your Aga cooker and its condition. Also, if you’d request for other appliances to be cleaned, of course.

Q: Can you clean my BBQ while it’s raining outside?

A: Yes, we can! As long as the BBQ is located somewhere with a roof over it and there’s access to drainage and hot water, we can clean it.

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