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Let’s face it — you just don’t have all the time in the world to spend on oven cleaning. By choosing us, you can relax knowing that what we offer gives you more time for other important things. Leave the dirty work to us and enjoy the free time. By trusting us to clean your oven, you can join our happy clients' list. We offer professional care for your entire kitchen. Book now and take advantage of our latest discounts in oven cleaning Stockwell services, stove maintenance, kitchen appliance and cookware Spring cleaning.Oven Cleaning Stockwell SW9 Benefits You Never Thought You Get
  • Improved health
  • Work done using quality standard methods
  • Free inspection of your appliance prior the booking
  • Skilled professional oven cleaners
  • Eco-friendly, child and pet safe detergents that are safe for your family members.
  • Be one of the many satisfied customers
  • Keeping your oven clean can prevent greater loss of efficiency - Regularly wiping down the kitchen appliance can slow the formation of grime, but will not stop it. If you wish to preserve your oven in good condition it has to be deep cleaned at least two times a year.
  • All oven and bbq cleaning clients will receive a free oven liner with Teflon coating after the service.
  • Cooking in a clean appliance provides better food quality - The burnt oil on the walls of your oven releases a bad smell when the oven is working. The odour can stick to your food and even spoil it. Experiment and see how good a recipe tastes before and after the cleaning process.

How the Oven Cleaning Service in Stockwell SW9 Goes

Every cleaning company has its own methods. Our experience in kitchen, appliance and cookware maintenance helped us create the following shortlist of oven cleaning steps:
  1. Upon arrival, the professional cleaners bring the equipment and detergents for the services you have booked.
  2. When entering the client’s house, the professionals always put on overshoes.
  3. The cleaners test the working condition of the stove and assess any visible damages. They may perform small fixes or consult you on larger repairs if needed.
  4. The cleaning service starts with the protection of the zones around the stove or the oven. All counters, drawers, cupboards and the floor are covered to be protected from damage and detergent residue from splashing onto your floor during the service. Your home is important to us and we promise not to leave a mess behind.
  5. The oven door is disassembled and sprayed with detergent.
  6. All removable parts are placed in a dip tank filled with a cleaning solution, to soak for a few minutes. The prolonged immersion cleans away stains and grease buildup from your oven parts. That's the best way to get that baked on grime off. The inside of the oven is sprayed with detergent.
  7. A few minutes after the detergents are applied they are cleaned. The grime and burned food are scraped out and the glass of the oven is washed with detergent to make it spotless.
  8. After all traces of charred cooking and rust is gone, the removable parts are washed with water.
  9. The oven is washed with a wet towel to remove all traces of the cleaning solutions.
  10. All removable parts, the door and the entire oven on the inside are dried with towels and reassembled.
  11. The last step of the cleaning process is to give the cooker a spotless appearance on the outside too. All sides of the stove, the handles and the knobs are washed and polished.
  12. Once the maintenance is over the professional cleaners will turn on the oven. This test is performed in the presence of the client and is meant to assess the result of the work.
  13. The oven cleaners always collect their trash at the end of the service. They also wipe the surfaces around the cooker to make sure all accidental drops of the detergent are cleared.

We clean all oven types and makes

  • Built-in, Single and Double ovens - You can use the appliance straight after the service but we recommend for you to turn it on for at least 15 minutes in order to evaporate the moisture.
  • AGA - The AGA cooker is one of the most expensive pieces of kitchen equipment in your home. Don't ruin the beauty of this piece and make sure to clean it regularly!
  • BBQ - We take care of all of the mess for you and you won't have to lift a finger at all. We know how annoying cleaning a bbq is, well with our professional bbq cleaning service it is easy as pie! Your BBQ will be dismantled and cleaned. The parts will be left to soak in a water tank and then wiped clean with a soft cloth.
  • Appliance Cleaning - Whether it’s a microwave, a dishwasher or a freezer, we can clean your appliances to perfection. It doesn't matter what appliance you have; we will bring your kitchen back to its original gleam! When you choose our cleaning service, you can be sure that your appliance will look spick and span upon completion. Just make sure that the appliance is at least partially defrosted beforehand.
Even though each service and client have its own specifications, we managed to outline the main cleaning steps. They are of great help when creating individual quotes or assessing the time necessary to complete the service. The service is the same in: Balham, Brixton, South Lambeth, Clapham and the Battersea area.

Call Us and Get Your Individual Quote

Our call centre operators can help you get the best service for your kitchen appliance. You can book now on our 24/7 open phone lines, chat and free online booking form. Choose a convenient date for you and state the services you need. After that, all you have to do is get a parking space for the cleaning team and meet them.

Check our cooker cleaning rates in Stockwell

Competitive oven and appliance cleaning prices based type and size. Check the table below for more info or contact us.

Single oven Width: 60cm Number of racks: 2 Number of doors: 1 Avg. duration: 40 min - 1h

*Incl. the oven cleaning only. Hobs, extractors, etc. additionally chargedPrice:* £63

Double oven Width: 60cm Number of racks: 3 Number of doors: 2 Avg. duration: 1-1.5h

*Incl. the oven cleaning only. Hobs, extractors, etc. additionally chargedPrice:* £81

Single wide oven Width: 90cm Avg. duration: 1.5-2h

Price: £81

Master range small Width: 90cm Number of racks: 3 Avg. duration: 2.5-3h

*Burners cleaning charged £24 on top of the oven cleaning Price:* £111

Master range big Width: 100cm or bigger Number of racks: 3 Avg. duration: 2.5-3h

*Burners cleaning charged £24 on top of the oven cleaning Price:* £111

* All minimum charges applyBook Online

Standart hob 60 cm Width: 60cm Number of burners: up to 4 incl. Avg. duration: 30-35 min.

Price: £24

Mixed hob 60 cm Width: 60cm Number of burners: up to 4 incl. Avg. duration: 30-35 min.

Price: £24

Electric hob 90 cm Width: 90cm and bigger Number of burners: 5 and more Avg. duration: 15-25 min.

Price: £24

Gas hob 90 cm and bigger Width: 90cm and bigger Number of burners: 5 and more Avg. duration: 30-35 min

Price: £24

Mixed hob 90 cm and bigger Width: 90cm Number of burners: 5 and more Avg. duration: 30-35 min

Price: £24

* All minimum charges applyBook Online

Extractor fan Width: 60cm Avg. duration: 30-40 min.

Price: £24

Extractor fan 90 cm Width: 90cm Avg. duration: 30-40 min.

Price: £24

Splash back Avg. duration: 25-35 min.

Price: £24

* All minimum charges applyBook Online

Single fridge Width: 60cm Avg. duration: up to 40 min

Price: £27

* All minimum charges applyBook Online

Reviews of people that have used us

Reviewed by Toby on 2019-12-11

Quick and efficient service.

Reviewed by Christina on 2019-12-01

The man who came over to clean my oven was polite and a complete professional in oven cleaning.

Reviewed by Iona on 2019-11-06

The whole experience, from booking a cleaner to the final product was as smooth as a walk in the park.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do you cover all of Stockwell?

A: As a matter of fact, yes we do. We cover the entire area!

Q: Is there a cancellation fee for your services?

A: Yes, however, as long as you call us more than 48 hours before the service, the cancellation is entirely free.

Q: Can I pay for the service by card?

A: Yes, you just have to provide us with the details when booking the service.

Q: Can you clean my fridge while there's still food inside?

A: Yes, we can, however it's preferable if the fridge is empty, for best results.

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