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If it's oven cleaning you're looking for, we can help you. Contact our 24/7 call centre and go with our cooker cleaning services in Shepherds Bush W12. Once we arrive, it won't take long for your kitchen and cookware to shine like old times.

Shepherds Bush Oven Cleaning Service Benefits

  • Sparkling clean cooking appliances and cookware results
  • No bad smell from your oven, extractor or fridge
  • Use the oven straight away after the service
  • Food tastes delicious
  • Job performed by professional oven cleaners
  • Every client receives a free oven liner for future use.

Main Reasons Why We Are the Right Fit for You

1. Our oven maintenance method Unlike the rest of the cleaning companies in Shepherds Bush, we care about our client’s home. We require the cleaners to wear overshoes when inside the house. During the service, we cover all of the surfaces, cupboards, counters around the be cleaned appliance. At the end of the service, all surfaces are wiped and cleaned. This aims to remove accidental splashes and dirt that may have fallen during the cleaning. The cleaning method we use is the dip tank one. It includes disassembly of the oven door and removal of the stove’s removable parts. Those are then soaked in the tank filled with detergent and water. After the grime and the charred food softens, the removable parts are taken out and wiped. They are then washed with water and dried with towels. The oven is sprayed and cleaned until the last traces of burned food come off. The end-stage of the cleaning is wiping the appliance on the outside. You can find our services in the following areas, too: Paddington, also in Maida Hill, Marylebone, West Kensington and Notting Hill. 2. The detergents We chose detergents that are eco-friendly, excellent in removing hazardous elements and at the same time are easily washable. This way the service takes less time and harbours great results. 3. The gift At the end of your service, you will receive a special gift from us to upgrade your newly cleaned oven - an oven liner. It will ensure that your oven is clean for longer. It can withstand temperatures of up to 250°C and can be placed in the dishwasher. 4. Professional oven cleaners in Shepherds Bush W12 Oven maintenance requires specific knowledge and skills. That is why the professional cleaners are fully trained and vetted. They have a lot of knowledge when it comes to the maintenance of ovens and other cooking appliances. The professional oven cleaners are always fully equipped with a wide range of cleaning tools and necessary detergents.Book More and Save More Besides your oven, you can opt to have a wide range of kitchen appliances cleaned, as well. From dishwashers and microwaves to refrigerators and tumble dryers, with us, your appliances will be looking sparkling again in no time. No matter if it's for your home or commercial property, our clients always love the results. Also by combining several services into a single appointment. You'll save both time and money. Our oven cleaning customers often book together with the following:
  • We provide a wide range of services for cleaning and maintenance of all types of appliances - dishwasher, washing machine, fridge, freezer, dryer, microwave, extractor fan and more.
  • We are specialists in cleaning BBQs and we know how to clean them thoroughly.
We can combine several services to find the best deal for you. Get your individual quote over the phone or hit us up on chat. You can also make the booking yourself on our free online booking form.
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Check out what our clients think

Reviewed by Arthur on 2019-12-11

I can't remember the last time my oven's performance was this great.

Reviewed by Emily on 2019-10-09

I was away from home for a few months and completely forgot to empty my fridge. I'm so happy I found Maggie's fridge cleaning service online. Don't know what I would have done without it.

Reviewed by Zach on 2019-09-11

5 stars, great service

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I pay for the service by card?

A: Yes, of course! Just give us the details over the phone at least a day before the service. The payment will be charged upon completion of the service.

Q: Are the technicians qualified and insured?

A: Yes, every oven cleaning specialist has gone through comprehensive training and has public liability insurance.

Q: Do you disassemble the entire oven?

A: We disassemble only the removable parts. The rest of the cooker is cleaned manually by hand.

Q: Do you use any harmful chemicals when cleaning the oven?

A: Nope. All the products we use are completely eco-friendly.

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