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In this busy world, it's easy to forget that cleanliness isn't a luxury — it's a necessity. Cooked food tastes better when your oven is clean. We can come by every six months and clean away all the dirt and bacteria that would normally accumulate in your obem over time. The oven cleaning service we provide in Fulham is based on the high-quality work standards you are looking for. Do the best for yourself and your family by trusting the professionals to make your life better and healthier.

Benefits of Our Oven Cleaning Services in Fulham!

  • Spotless oven, stove, cooker, hobs, bbq - Run down and poorly maintained ovens continue to work, but don't last. Regularly wiping down your oven is an effective way to minimize grime build-up, but regular deep cleaning is the best practice. If you really want to maximize the life of your oven, consider deep cleaning it at least twice a year. This will ensure you are using your oven at peak efficiency and will keep it in top condition for longer.
  • Healthy meals with great taste - Cooking in your clean oven guarantees better-tasting food and its cleanliness is crucial to a delicious meal. A smell that sometimes emanates from the walls of an oven in operating condition can stick to your food. The aroma sometimes even ruins it. You would want to test out whether or not a particular recipe would taste the same before and after an oven is cleaned.
  • High-quality work
  • Extra services for your entire kitchen
  • Fully vetted and experienced professionals
  • Completely FREE Teflon oven liner for your personal use
  • Individual quotes - Save more money by getting a personalized quote online or via phone. Our call center team will take care of all your inquiries. The individual quotes are tailored to each customer's specific needs.

Details on Our Oven Cleaning in Fulham

  • To provide high standard service, the professional oven cleaners follow a strict procedure.
  • The eco-friendly cleaning solution they use successfully removes rust and charred food. They safe around children and pets and 2x stronger than any commercial detergent without leaving behind harsh chemical residues.
  • The dip tank method allows the removable parts to be cleaned without damaging their surface.
  • Spraying detergent on the insides of the oven makes washing the walls and grills easy.
  • Once all removable parts are cleaned and dried they are returned to their place.
  • The professional cleaners in Fulham always turn on the oven at the end of the service to check if it is working properly.
  • The cleaners always take out all the trash and wipe the area around the stove after the cleaning. We take great pride in making sure our customers' homes are clean when we're done.
All these great services you can get in Putney, Streatham, Clapham, Balham and Brixton as well. The extra cleaning services we offer can make your entire kitchen spotless. Our quote can help you combine them in a way that best serves your needs. Book regular oven valeting with any other of your services and enjoy the deals and benefits we provide. This way you can be sure that there are no dangerous bacteria left on any of your cooking appliances. We cover all of Fulham and Parsons Green
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See what our clients have to say about our services

Reviewed by Caroline on 2019-11-18

I'm impressed! That is all I have to say. I didn't expect such a result, the oven looks fantastic!

Reviewed by Sandra on 2019-11-03

Good job guys! I totally recommend your services!

Reviewed by Garry on 2019-10-21

I used the oven, hob and extractor combo. Great value for money! Everything is sparkling clean!

Frequently asked questions

Q: Which parts of Fulham SW6 do you cover?

A: We cover all parts of Fulham, as well as Parsons Green.

Q: When can I start using my oven after the cleaning?

A: Switch on your oven empty for 15 minutes to evaporate the moisture left from the cleaning. You can use it afterwards.

Q: Do you offer any special deals for more than one appliance?

A: Yes, we do! You can book oven, hob and extractor cleaning at a special price. We also have combo deals for all of your kitchen appliances. Just ask for them, when you call.

Q: Do you clean self-cleaning ovens?

A: Yes, we do, but it depends on the appliance. Some self-cleaning ovens can't be cleaned by hand.

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