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Great-tasting food is something we all desire. Revitalise your kitchen with a professional oven cleaning service in Bromley.

Keep your meals tasty by booking your oven cleaning service in Bromley

Our experienced oven technicians follow a strict cleaning procedure, ensuring your appliance is protected from damage. They will inspect your oven to check it is working properly, then dismantle the oven racks and all removable parts, soaking them in a powerful cleaning solution. This dip tank method effectively removes rust and burnt food without harming the oven parts. The technician will carefully clean the glass door, using the correct tools to avoid scratches and ensure all grime is gone. The oven cleaning expert will then thoroughly clean your oven's interior, ensuring no burnt food or crumbs are left behind. The oven cleaners carry all necessary equipment and detergents.

Cook right after the cleaning is done

All traces of the cleaning solution are easily washed away from the oven’s removable parts, leaving the oven clean and ready for use. At the end of the service, the cooker is turned on for the client to inspect the result. There is no need to turn off the appliance after the test—just prepare your healthy meal and put it in the freshly cleaned oven. Once the technician has cleaned and dried all the parts, they will reassemble the oven and test its performance to ensure it works properly. You can start using your oven immediately after the deep cleaning. As professional oven cleaners, we service all major brands of appliances, and our procedure is suitable for all types of ovens, including AGA and range cookers.

Reliable BBQ cleaning service in Bromley

Need a BBQ cleaning service in Bromley? You've come to the right place. We clean all types of BBQs, including gas, hooded and charcoal grills, spit roasters, smokers, kamados, and kettle BBQs, from portable to larger models. We’ll clean and polish your BBQ burners, flame shields, and other parts, bringing them back to life. We guarantee spotless results and fresh-tasting food!

Appliance cleaning in Bromley

We can clean all of your appliances, from the fridge to the washing machine, large or small—the technicians are ready to help. We'll ensure your appliances are perfectly cleaned and fresh-smelling! Please note, if you want us to clean your fridge, ensure it’s properly defrosted before our visit so the technicians can get straight to work!

Other areas we service

We cover many big and small cities all over the UK, such as Hammersmith, Twickenham, Edmonton, Richmond, North London. The oven cleaning service we provide can help improve your cooking game.
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Here's what our clients have to say

Reviewed by Martin on 2019-12-06

Simply amazing!

Reviewed by Bridget on 2019-11-20

The cleaners arrived on time and were very quick and efficient.

Reviewed by Daphne on 2019-10-31

Can't recommend Maggie's services enough!

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is your coverage in Bromley?

A: We cover all of Bromley.

Q: I have additional racks and trays. Can you clean those as well?

A: Yes, we can! For a small additional charge.

Q: Can I use my oven right after the service?

A: Yes, you only have to let the oven burn for around 15 mins before you start cooking in it.

Q: Do you clean hobs, splash-backs and extractors?

A: Yes, we clean the entire oven periphery.

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