Q – Which areas Maggie’s Oven Services Cover?
A – We started with eleven big areas – Nightingale, Thamesfield, Southfields, Bow, Balham, Shaftesbury, St. Margarets and Twickenham, Elthorne, Wandsworth Common and Barnes. Soon afterwards we expanded our business to cover all of London.

Q – Do you clean with health safe chemicals?
A – Yes, our specialists take advantage of non-caustic, non-toxic, child and pet-friendly products. They are all biodegradable and nature-friendly.

Q – Can I use my oven right after the procedure?
A – Yes, as soon as our staff finish the procedure you can start cooking. We just recommend you to burn the oven empty for few minutes just as you do with a new one.

Q – Are you a fully insured service provider?
A – Yes.

Q – Do you carry spares?
A – We can purchase the specific light bulb or filter upon request, as long as we have the make and model of the appliance.

Q – Should my oven be turned on and working for you to clean it?
A – No, we can only clean your cooker if it’s cold.

Q – Can you reach and wash between the glass doors?
A – Yes, we can clean if it isn’t a sealed unit. We remove grease and dirt from the inside and the outside of the oven.

Q – Can you clean self-cleaning ovens?
A – Yes. Many ovens have self-clean interiors and/or liners. The coatings are created to burn off debris but many cookers cannot reach high enough temperatures to do this properly. Many liners have grease and fat behind them and that may be dangerous as it’s a potential cause of fire. Our technician will clean behind these items. The self-cleaning panels cannot be treated with any cleaning solutions as that might damage the coating. We do wash them with hot water and a sponge.

Q – Will you need to use my sink?
A- We carry everything we need. If you can spare some hot water, we’ll be glad. We use the dip-tank method which is highly effective and safe. Each oven is dismantled and soaked in a tank with a solution. The sink will be needed in order to fill the dip-tank.

Q – Do you cover the floor?
A – Yes, we will put down a cover to ensure there is no mess. Our main concern is to clean and not to damage anything.

Q – How often should I get my oven cleaned?
A – We recommend every 6 – 12 months but that number very according to the usage of the unit. The more you cook the often your oven will need cleaning.

Q – How can I pay?
A – We accept cash, Master Card, Visa electron and bank transfers made in advance

Q – Can I trust your cleaning operatives?
A – Yes we are fully trained, vetted and experienced professionals.

Q – How long does it take?
A – A standard single oven should take approximately an hour, depending on its condition.

Q – How much does oven cleaning cost?
A – The price of the service depends on the type and size of your oven If you want to book additional services, you’ll receive special offers. The minimum charge for oven cleaning is £49 for a single oven.

Q – Do you clean commercial kitchens?
A – Yes, we can clean and sanitise commercial and industrial kitchens as well. We also offer additional services such as kitchen ventilation cleaning.

Q – Can you clean range cookers?
A – Maggie’s technicians are trained to perform range cooker cleaning as well. You just have to specify the type, we clean them all.