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Dmitri Kara

Dmitri Kara

Tips On Commercial Oven Cleaning

A professional oven is a must for every commercial kitchen. Industrial oven units beat your average standard oven in quality and performance seven days a week. The quality of cooking depends on no other unit in the restaurant kitchen, as it does on the oven.

How to Clean an Old Aga Range Cooker

Aga range cookers are staples in many kitchens because of amazing, succulent food and a simpler cooking process compared to conventional ovens.  Aga range cookers have been in the hearts of many UK homes for nearly 100 years.

How to Clean Your Oven with Lemon

Fed up of buying expensive cleaning products that rarely live up to their promises?  Clever marketing sees us buying hundreds of different cleaning products a year, all of which claim to make our cleaning tasks exponentially easier. 

Top Ten Oven And Kitchen Safety Tips

Hello and welcome again to our blog. It’s been a while since we posted our latest post and now we want to share useful facts about kitchen appliances, cookware and all the required safety-related to that. What’s necessary to be safe in the kitchen? Allow the professional team at Maggies Oven Services to help. 1. […]